Good Times

Sorry about that pretentious entry before.  Obviously, I am very excited.  We actually closed on our construction loan this week, so now builder Kenny is getting started.  Starting with burning the piles of Mountain Cedar that we and everybody else have piled up out there after NO weekends out there were wet enough or non-windy enough to start a burn.  Kenny needs to get rid of the pile where our house will be, and he is out there to jump on it when it rains (like now)!

More pretentious entry now:  WE ARE BUILDING OUR DREAM HOUSE!!!!!

Never ever thought we would do a house this perfect for us.  We typically spend all of our spare money on travel.  We still will. Next month, we are going to our favorite family resort with our daughter’s family at the same place where we had repeat vacations when she was a kid.

Cancer presumed to be gone.  I got my port out.  I have at least 2 reconstructive surgeries in my future, but I scheduled them to start AFTER having a little fun this summer, including attending many Astros games in person!  (Do not bother to comment if you are an idiot Astros hater.)

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