Hubby and I dealing with a serious failure-to-launch situation with our wonderful, talented, intelligent, educated, experienced, diligent son.

He was just shy of a degree from Tulsa University in Chemical Engineering 12 years ago.  He disrupted our “empty nest” back then for 2 years until he joined the Coast Guard.  After 5.5 years, he left that paid gig to join his high-school buddy in Pittsburg to start a pipe-dream business that they then moved back here to Houston and still flopped on.  So many reasons, but not important in this story, except to say that buddy and my son have broken up for good.  They weren’t dating, just saying that the break-up felt that bad.  Now our son has been again lost in our nest for the last 2 years.

All of our friends have advice to offer, as we do as well.  We have presented all of them to him and insisted that he MUST do SOMETHING.

It is hard to explain how we got here, (as we never imagined ourselves as wanting to enable someone) except that we really do see that he is lost.

Last night we were talking with good friends about this, and our friend asked us if we had any idea what our son actually wanted to do.  I said yes, he wants to be a writer, but he doesn’t think it is possible to make a living doing that.  Our friend gave us some ideas of how to explore that.

This evening, we talked with our son about that idea.  I can’t explain all that we said, but the gist is that we expect him to pursue all of the avenues that would lead to that possibility.  We outlined what those are.

I know it sounds crazy, but maybe…

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February 21, 2022

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your son was able to write for a living. Wishing the best for all.