Big big news in my house!  Our son-ruining-our-empty-nest-for-the-second-time has landed a night-shift job with potential!  He is working a temporary seasonal job at a distribution warehouse for a prominent grocery store corporation where he reads requestions from individual retail stores, and fills pallets and loads those onto trucks bound for particular stores.  Organizational skills along with showing up… I am hoping this leads to a more permanent job.  Or even to our son figuring out how to get whatever job he wants.  He is highly intelligent and skilled.  He is one credit away from a college degree he will never finish.  He served 5.5 years in the Coast Guard as a mechanic.  He has been lost, and maybe now he is back on track to some success!


Our retirement/dream house is finally completed (almost).  Hubby and I spent two nights in it the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We hauled a bed from an upstairs room here and set it up in our master bedroom out there, and spent two very silent nights in our new house.  No media access at all.  I had enough phone bars to see that the weather outside included 20 mph winds and rain, but the well-built new house did not let us hear it much.  Very quiet.  I had an intuition/psychic dream about my mom in that quiet time.


Hubby and I travelled across Houston to my cousin’s house on Thursday for the big feast with the branch of family from my deceased Dad.  My aunt gave me a box of old photos that she had been meaning to pass on to me for a while which were collected by my Dad’s aunt (also aunt to this photo-passers deceased husband).  Anyway, it was a box of random photos from my parents’ early marriage including photos of young me and my sister and also a few of people older than my parents.  (That’s baby me with my Mom and the dog I grew up with on that terrible horsehair couch!)  I was then able to share this box as a “show and tell” venue to talk with my own Mom on Friday in the memory care facility for which we are grateful that cares for her now.  I had my sister on speaker phone as Mom and I marveled together on the images of her early marriage.


What I came on Open Diary tonight to report is that earlier today we celebrated our youngest granddaughter’s 1st birthday!  Our two very successful daughters (mother and aunt to the birthday girl) were very involved with this party in Dallas.  Our son with the new job had to stay back in the Houston area to work.  When we came home and saw him on his way to work this evening, I mentioned that his youngest niece is completely adorable, and he surprised me by saying that yes, he knew, because our oldest daughter (aunt to b-day girl and biggest critic of son’s inactivity) had sent him some pictures today!  God is good!  My mom heart is very full and happy.


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November 28, 2022

My grandmother had a similar sofa to the one your mother and dog sat on in your picture.  Grandma’s couch didn’t have the fringes at the seams, but the color is a dead ringer.

Was your mother a redhead? The dog sure was.

December 30, 2022

Hee hee Mom was whatever she chose to be! But back then, she was natural red/brunette.  I was born blond/red which morphed into blond to dirty blond until I declaired Enough!  I am going to be the color I naturally was in high school until the home coloring gets to be too much work…