a example of my day

So I started keeping track of 2 different students behaviors during the day and this is today’s writing for one of them.



7:20-7:35=fine coming off sunrise but once we got in the room started saying “booty”, said another student who was in our class “had big titties”. Kept getting up even after I asked him to stay seated. I make the students wait until they are all done with their breakfasts to throw away their stuff because a few of the boys keep getting up to make baskets with the items. Keeps telling other students to “shut up.” Talking about other students hair being “nappy and ugly.” Now saying someone’s breath stank.


7:40-7:50= took hand lotion and put it all over the door handle and got it on someone’s shoe. Keeps messing with Mrs. Campbell’s stuff at his desk, Mrs. Campbell asked him to leave the room. He is refusing to leave. Telling other students to “shut up” and saying inappropriate things. Still being disruptive an messing with items that don’t belong to him. Yelling and talking back to Mrs. Campbell. She told him to clean up a mess he said he doesn’t have to clean. Tipping a chair. Threatening to cut off another students neck. Throwing a bean bag across the room. Hit another student in the arm with a small cardboard 10 out of a game(N.K). Touched Mrs. Campbell and is beating on a box of bookbags. Is wandering around the room threatening other students and messing with them.


7:50-8:10= Mrs. Campbell had to take him out of the room. He is now sitting and doing his job. 


8:15= is doing a good job participating in reading horizons.


8:25= is still doing a good job


8:30= was claiming another student peed on his shoe while in the bathroom. Hit the same student in the back as they were coming back in the pod(N.S)


8:45=was saying rude things to the same student (N.S.) said the N word, just said “someone smells like booty nuggets.” Keeps blurting out. Was not on what he was supposed to be on. Keeps talking about booty nuggets.


8:50=is being quiet but is not on what he needs to be on the chromebook. Is supposed to be on reading horizons.


8:55-9:00= is arguing with Mrs. Campbell about school rules. Yelling at another student telling them to shut up. Keeps blurting “ I don’t know how to do this, this is stupid.” Mrs. Campbell told him if he raised his hand she would come help him. Making noises and disrupting, yelling “shut up.” Mrs. Campbell told him to stop. Is still growling. Accusing other students of making noises. Threw a game off a table. Yelling NO at Mrs. Campbell when she told him to pick it up. Keeps yelling shut up. Is in other students personal space. Called one student a f*ggot. Left the room. Claiming he’s going to bust everyone’s head, throwing Mrs. Campbell’s books on the ground.


9:10-9:55 (music)= is doing a excellent job of sitting quietly listening to the music teacher explain what the class is going to be doing. Has kept his chromebook closed. When allowed to open it was on the appropriate site. I complimented him at the end of class and told him when we got back to class this is how he should be acting. Told him that he had a bad moment but this was his chance to get back on track. 


10:00-10:25= came in the room and started acting up. Took a student’s belt and was spanking himself with it. Yelling shut up. Laughing at a student who was getting in trouble. Leaving the classroom. Took another student’s item. Kept disturbing the class. Mrs. Campbell told him to go in the pod along with another student. They were fighting over a rolly chair. Came back in and kicked the garbage can, drawing on the big whiteboard with permanent marker, messing with Mrs. Campbell’s tape. Mrs. Campbell told him to get his chromebook and headphones . He told her he wasn’t going to do his work. He did get his stuff but is constantly talking and bothering others. Talking in a weird voice. Mocking me and other students. Took a water bottle off a student’s desk (A.H), Keeps getting out of his seat and going near(A.H). Carrying his chromebook around in his and and touching Mrs. Campbell’s items again. Now at the door banging on it and left the room into the pod. Keeps going in and out of the classroom. Brought a stool from the pod into the room. Still touching items that don’t belong to him. Drawing on the board. Went in the pod. Saying he’s going home. Has his backpack with his chromebook in it. Mrs. Campbell called BIS. Keeps coming in and out of the room while the students are trying to take a test on their chromebooks.


10:35=keeps coming back and bothering other students while they are testing still.


10:45= has finally sat down but was on youtube and looking up spiderman images when he is supposed to be taking his test .Is taking the test but still continuing to talk. Mrs. Campbell asked him to leave the room because other students are still testing. Mrs. Campbell told him to leave the chromebook in the room on his desk he told her NO. Left the room and went into another classroom and took the stool out of Mr. Peter’s room. Threatening to beat up a student . (A.H)

Threatening to smack all of us. Sitting on a desk. Messing with my rolly chair. Threw a student’s shoe in the garbage. Took another student’s chromebook (A.H). Almost hit Mrs. Campbell when he  was swinging his arms trying to block another student from coming back into the classroom. Took the same student’s chromebook and is wandering around the room, took Mrs. Campbell

S pencils. Still taking other students chromebooks, talking disrespectfully to Mrs. Campbell. Yelling and throwing items . Taking items that don’t belong to him. Told Mrs. Campbell “why don’t you just be quiet.” Saying the N word repeatedly. Slammed the chromebook shut and kicking another student’s  shoes that are in a box across the room. Throwing the other student

S shoes in the garbage again. Left the room when another student went to the bathroom. Hit a student in the face with a shoe (P.H.) The student was ok and there was no mark. 


11:10-11:45 (recess and lunch)= indoor recess. Got in a student’s face (A.H) and pushed him multiple times . The other student asked him to stop but did not touch him. Took a student’s art box and turned off the smartboard while the other students were watching a show. Is out in the pod area with a stool banging it on the door and putting it above his head. Banging on the door with his feet. 


12:00-12:15= came in the room being distracting. Walking around the room touching items. Is in the pod, keeps grabbing paper towels. Is still in the pod with the 5th graders instead of in the room.


12:15-12:30=just came in the room but came in yelling and disrupting. Keeps going in  and out of the room. Arguing with another student. Another student left the room and Trayvon hit him as he was leaving the room. (N.S). He keeps messing with the door to the room. Trying to fight with the student that went to the bathroom. Banging on the door and talking disrespectfully to Mr. Peters. Telling students to shut up and messing with things that don’t belong to him. Keeps yelling, messing with other students.


12:30= laughing at another student having a rough time. Messing with another student’s shoe. Took another student’s belt and is threatening to smack students. Feet on the desk. Tipped over a big table and broke off 2 of the wheels. Yelling that he wants to play the game but is not making good choices such as sitting in his seat and being quiet. Put the table back up and the wheels back on it. Sitting on the table. Messing with the rolling desk and grabbing Mrs. Campbell’s things. Throwing shapes towards me. Has scissors acting like he’s cutting things. Is out in the pod. Ms. Reidb(BIS) took him for a bit  and he was much calmer when he returned.


12:35-1:50= did a good job and was able to play games with the other students. 

This is just ONE day. 

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October 12, 2022

Is this a SPED class or is he just a SPED child? What does BIS mean? I worked with some SPED kids who were great, with only one who was non-compliant, but he was quiet. The other children really shouldn’t have to be subjected to all that, nor the teachers, either.

October 13, 2022

@solovoice our room is a self contained cross category classroom meaning we can get any of the SPED categories PLUS,ed, autism or just learning disabilities. BIS is a behavior intervention specialist but their main goal is try to keep the student in the room which for most of our kids is the opposite. They need to get out of the room for a bit and it’s hard for me to be able to take one student for a walk because for one then another student will start having behaviors so they can go for a walk or just having behaviors in general so it’s a cycle. Also me and the teacher don’t like to give walks as a option for a break because then the kids start abusing the priviledge and use it to get out of doing work. Our whole class they have moments where they are having a meltdown. Its like you put out one fire and then there’s another.

October 13, 2022

@torturedsoul_1 I feel for you. I student taught in a middle school when I was considering getting an MAT. I loved the kids, but I saw that I was too old (I was retirement age) to handle the bureaucracy.