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So my email that I wrote to the higher up in SPED got forwarded back to the principal who kind of reamed me about it in a nice way though. He basically said if I had a issue to come to him but we did and nothing happened. After that email though it seems like things have been moving at least for placement issues. We have one that is possibly getting placed into PLUS but it still might be a while and we had another student that should be in ED and it might be happening soon. He had a major freak out on his birthday. The other para in our room had told him and another student in our class that if he wanted to pass out his cupcakes that he brought in he would have to keep himself together and this was in the morning when the students first came in. Well then him and the same student were messing around and she reminded him and said no cupcakes but didn’t get to elaborate on it because he started walking around the room knocking things off student’s desks and circling around a student that he had knocked out their tooth previously and another student that he doesn’t get along with so the para and teacher took him out in the hallway and we had called for BIS/admin to come. So while they were out in the hallway waiting for BIS to come he started freaking out and when the BIS lady got there it got really bad and they ended up having to put him in a room which he destroyed. They called SASS which is a mental health crisis line in our area. The person on the SASS line was asking if we could keep him at the school for 2 hours and the teacher was like no so then they instructed someone to call 911. So his mom showed up and they had a police officer come too and he was escorted out of the school and to a local hospital for a psych evaluation which I believe they didn’t keep him but he got a 7 day suspension and just came back yesterday when me and the other para were both out and today my stomach was bothering me so I stayed home and the other para still had family in town so she’s not there either again. The other para feels guilty about the whole thing and I literally told her if it wouldn’t have been her that set him off it would have been me or the teacher. He also lied to his mom and a few others about what was even said and he’s known for lying and stealing. He is a sociopath in the making and that’s scary. So we have gotten 3 new students and we are supposed to be getting another one who is a 1st grader who sticks things in her ears til they bleed, eats everything, when she doesn’t get her way she is said to throw herself on the ground and scream, cry, hit and cuss. The other 2 who were supposed to be violent have actually not been too bad. The one came from a PLUS room and the first day he was in our room he was saying he hated himself and wanted to die. He literally tried to choke himself with his hand and was about to start banging his head on the wall but thankfully didn’t. He claims he’s tired all the time but to me it seems like a way to get out of work. He had a meltdown the other day because he wanted to bring his stuffed animal in the room but that particular day one of our other regulars was having a day and when the other one has a day he does evil stuff like touching other student’s stuff, taking it, breaking it so we told the other student that we didn’t want something to happen to it and he started saying he hated our class, our school, the principal and then started with the wanting to kill himself talk. So I was guarding the door because of the other kid and he sat near me on the floor. I told the teacher to maybe try to put on something Sonic related this boy stood up and laughed a evil laugh and then went over and sat on the carpet and started watching it. It was weird and a little scary. The other boy isn’t too bad. He’s had a day where he didn’t want to do stuff but he got it together and we got a new girl that is really low mental wise but does her work, doesn’t have meltdowns so that’s good.

Healthwise I have lost 20 pounds but may have gained some back but hoping to keep it off. I have been trying to eat better but as for exercise it’s tough right now because my knee has been really bothering me. The other para offered to work out with me but I told her I need to figure out the knee issue first but I’m willing to do it. I was just scheduled for a MRI this week but I need to actually schedule it soon. So hoping for good news on that when I go do it. The doctor thought I might have a blood clot because I have some gene that makes me more susceptible to blood clots so I had to go get a ultrasound of my leg and get blood work done. Thankfully I did not have one so that is good. I was supposed to go out to eat with one of my long time friends but unfortunately we weren’t able to get together yet but I really want to. So we will see what we can figure out . I was talking to my son yesterday while we were on a road trip to go figure out his account that he was supposed to get from his grandpa but that whole thing is making me upset because we were just told that he had to wait til he was 18 but we just found out that grandpa wants to wait til he’s 25 to give him his money. I just don’t understand why we weren’t told this earlier because my son had started to make plans with the money. Well anyway we were talking about friend issues because the friend he has living with us isn’t talking to him because another friend in their friend group they are friends with him again so I was talking about how most of the friends I have I don’t talk to like my best friend that I’ve known for quite a while she doesn’t talk to me anymore but she comes to my town to hang out with another one of her friends which pisses me off. Like she could at least say hey would you like to go out to eat and catch up every once in a while but nothing so I’m just like whatever at this point. Why waste my time on someone who doesn’t seem to give a shit about you.



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January 24, 2023

If I had your job, I would seriously consider a career change to be, like, a sherpa in the Himalayas.  I would much rather deal with a Yeti than with one of those kids.