Better Day

Today was a pretty good day all in all.  I did over sleep a little bit and Normally I wake up freaking out when I do this.  So I see it as progress to my anger management. That’s kinda what  I’ve been focusing on lately.  Also I sat by myself earlier an went into a deep 20min meditation. I came out of it completely refreshed Like I took a nap for 4 hrs.  I’ve known for awhile now that meditation really helps but I lost track of it since Coming back home from the retreat place I was staying at in Florida.  You know how life gets sometimes! I even lost track of my nutrition plan.  I came back at 168lbs solid  an now due to stress and not eating right I’m back down to a buck 40 if I’m lucky.. So that goes to show you just how much stress and the weight of our daily life takes a toll on our body and mind.  I recently went and seen my therapist just to help me get a grip On my life before it gets so far out of control and I lose everything I love again.  I’d like to think I am making a little difference in my day to day By focusing on Becoming a better Dad and a happier Man to my kid’s mother.  I now know what I have to change about myself to keep my family an life together.  Anyways It feels awesome to Be indifferent an know it Now.. To know it does not make me a bad guy or the odd/weirdo I thought I was  Just because I have mental disorders.. I know I’m not so far gone to the point of not being able to change or learn to control Myself/My disorder. I want to Thank you all that take the time out to Post on other Peoples Entries Just to let them know someone is there an sees where their coming from.  Just them little comments go a very long way to someone that Doesn’t think they have anyone . 🙂  Much Love An Peace Ya’ll

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January 4, 2021

Rock that progress! 👏

Hey there.. normally me sleeping in, freaks me out too.. like did I miss something important??? (Probably just breakfast and pills but still!) That is great about the meditation. 🙂

January 4, 2021

I am proud of you for meditating, and stepping out if your comfort zone. It is hard to mend relationships that are broken, and takes courage, and self worth. You are important! You are here for a reason, and all bad things that happen are NOT your fault, and do not control you. Hang in there, and message any time.