Oh Boo!

Had a really good time at the covid free ranch where our friends live with their snuggly wuggly horses. You’d never know these critters don’t follow them into the house at night and sleep at their feet. Never saw such horses. Three different shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have that quality of well worked with pets who do not know they are too big to sit in your lap and watch tv. For some reason, they had a real liking for Hubbin, rubbing up against him like kittens, really big kittens. I think he smells like the oatmeal he eats and they think he’s got treats. I was around horsy people as a kid but I was never the girl who loved horses. Anything that big can hurt you by accident if you don’t watch your feet and the things around you that might not move if you get wedged into the wrong spot. They also give me quite the itch, water, and snort. I like the darn things but never can get too cozy.

The card-playing and pecan pie made me skip announcing my novel yesterday. I was too tired to start at midnight. This morning I was up by 3 am because clocks are Bulldada and put up a title so I can begin begin begin…

Here’s a development with this writing thing. November gets me word count but I seem to have 2 or 3 very different storylines going before it’s all done and usually nothing that could blend together. I’ve promised myself that 20021 will be the year I just pick one thing and work it to the end, then pick another thing and do the same.

My friend Hope gave me a journal, some swag she got from work, and it’s perfect for my revitalized letter-writing campaigns. The personal note is a new Sunday diversion. Hope said she’s started doing this too. I wanted to talk further about how we both independently came to the same activity but the boys got started on something and we shifted the conversation elsewhere.

Have some pretty specific things I have to get done today or tomorrow but mostly I need to dig into my Dharma bunker and let the Gods of word count rule. Man, it’s a mess down here. Where do I start? Grab that pile of mixed-up records – my father’s weird stuff and my own long neglected- and start the “word wars” with myself. 15 minutes of Roger Whitaker (Dad), 15 minutes of Mario Lanza(Mother), 15 minutes of Devo (Me)…ready set go.

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November 1, 2020

Sounds like you had a lovely Halloween, cant beat horses and pecan pie 😊 I would have thoroughly enjoyed that.

Good luck with the novel writing this month ✍✍✍


November 1, 2020

Having a plan is half the battle.  Focusing on one thing at a time is a smart way to go.  Just have to train the brain not to get side tracked.  Good luck 🙂

November 1, 2020

Question? has any of your novels you have written in November ever been published?

November 1, 2020

@jaythesmartone That’s the next big hurdle. It should have happened a long time ago.

November 1, 2020


well when it gos to a publisher let me know if they like it and I want to buy your book….

November 4, 2020

I think horses are terrifying! And it makes me sad when people ride them. I realize these are both unpopular opinions.

Near where I live there is an island called Assateague where there are wild horses. They run free all over the beach and the roads. They aren’t friendly per say but they do come up very close to you since they are used to seeing people. There are police and park rangers that are there just to make sure the horses stay safe. When a large group of horses decide that they’re going to rest in the middle of the road, then you wait!

I’ve always thought that those horses running wild and free are beautiful, but the gigantic show horses at the fair were terrifying! Very nice so long as they stay in their little rooms, haha.

November 4, 2020

My daughter is definitely the girl who loves horses and would lose her mind over being around horses like that.

I grew up around them, but I’ve been bitten and thrown off. I never remember being afraid, even so, but as an adult I’m a little fearful of horses.