I don’t want to lose them

Today started shitty as shitty could get.

Woke up to the thought of losing my lover. Woke up to the thought of losing my best friend.

I was a raging asshole for a minute. No one wanted to be around me. Thanks Covid ha.

My lover and bestie finally had enough of my shit, as the sober and sane outsider, they have seen the way I act drunk, stoned, etc and has an objective eye. They filled me in on how I’ve been. It was enlightening.

I realized that I’m a dick sometimes. Sometimes pride needs to be pushed aside, even if you’re not in the wrong. They made me realize sometimes I don’t realize I may be treating people with disdain in passing.

Long story short, my lover… is my best friend.

My lover, well… they’re my rock.

They don’t see themselves as a rock… but they certainly are.

Now, I need to help them with their head after the trauma me and bestie inflicted.

I’m not right, I may never be right, but my lover is my world.

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Ah. Having a lover and a bestie together is tough non? Well.. I hope things work out. 🤗

3 days ago

Everyone is a little broken. But the people who love us, they see us.