February Ups and Downs

I started out the month spending good quality time with Caspar. Caspar struggles with mental health issues like I do and talks about it with me in ways I can talk about it with other people. We had a great day hiking at Mt. Tabor  and we’ve soaked in the book store therapy of Powells a few times now. Caspar has also joined us for book club several times, and we’ve started a new tradition of stopping by cracker barrel for brunch beforehand.

I also put together an excellent pancake dinner party for Imbolc. Sean, Michele, and Caspar all attended,  I made the pancakes gluten free for Sean, and the compote sugar free for me, and we played Munchkin. And I won!

I had some setbacks as well. I got sick recently and my healthy eating went out the window and I gained back several pounds. I’m back in the wagon though, and determined to keep trying.

My computer hard drive also died  and with it possibly all my recent writing because I didn’t back up like I thought I had. I might take it to a repair place and see what can be done. I am re-motivated to submit some of my stories for publication, and of course that happens as soon as I possibly lose them.

Also at the end of the week my grandmother will be in town from Alabama and I’m taking Friday off to visit my Aunt Linda ,who is dying of cancer. She is my favorite of my grandmother six sisters and I really want to see her again before she passes.

Also, I have submitted an application to sell voodoo dolls at the Q Centers queer Rainbow Market in May. It is so difficult to stay motivated and take action, especially in winter, so I’m celebrating every little thing I manage to do. Hopefully I be accepted and it will be a big success.

I am going to try to be on here more often as well, trying to remember everything I wanted to write about is hard!

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February 20, 2019

Talking about anything is a good idea no matter how painful it is.  January 30th of 2019 it was “let’s talk” day put on by one of our phone company.  And for every text with the hashtag #let’s talk, the phone company donates 5 cents to mental health and various programs.  I think that is brilliant.


That is the link.