I Couldn’t Make This Up

On Wednesday I took off work to take Reed to get his colonoscopy. During that whole process, he was tested for covid. When the procedure was over they told Reed they had found a small polyp, probably not important. We went home and the hospital called to tell us that Reed had covid. Reed immediately went and quarantined in his room and after telling the people he’d been around recently that he had covid determined that Caspar also had covid, and Caspar had just been at our house for DnD on Sunday. I took a home test immediately and it came back negative. The next day Reed’s symptoms set in and I took a covid test at Kaiser and took the day off from work. The results came back, said again I didn’t have it, so I went to work the next day. That Friday after work I went to the gym and as I was working out I started to feel worse and worse. Tireder, my throat was getting sore, and I just felt more and more like crap.

The next morning I was completely congested and felt like crap, so I took the second home test and there was a faint second line. So then I dealt with Kaiser until I talked to a physician who confirmed my covid and prescribed me something to help against the virus. While getting my prescription I did a walk-in Kaiser covid test and am still waiting on the results. So I felt like garbage yesterday and today and have been stressed that I can’t go up and visit my grandmother Yvonne. I went to visit her on Monday? I think, she’s getting very weak and my aunt Joyce has to help her with everything.

Anyway, today my mom texted me after she went up to visit my grandmother Betty, also dealing with cancer and had to get multiple scans to see if her chemo is even working. Mom took her friend Barbara up because it’s a five-hour drive and she needs help with stuff sometimes and Barbara came home today and tested positive for covid. Mom took a home test and she has a faint second line, she almost certainly has covid. She could have given Covid to Betty. She’s going to have to quarantine away from her husband.

So to recap, that’s 2 grandmothers with cancer that are not doing well, both Reed and I have Covid, my mom has Covid, my grandma Betty might have covid now too, and I guess there’s a small possibility that Yvonne could also have covid. I will be the blame for that one, but it seems unlikely since I tested negative early on and would have had to have gotten it from Caspar on Sunday instead of from Reed afterward. Either way, everything is terrible.

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