We all have to start somewhere…

Hello you, curiously checking out my journal entry. i am so glad you are here! really i am. i didnt think anyone would take the time to look and read about what i have to say. i feel insanely special youve come by.

what an inturduction, right? my name is kaylee. i guess im a little eccentric like that. be preapred for a lot of spelling mistakes, i have dyslexia. im 25 years old, from a suburbam town 45 minutes outside of the big city of Boston. i live in euity apartments. so.. apartments for those on disablitie or social security. if you were looking for diary enteries about having a lavish life – you took a wrong turn! i live a very choatic life. i make a lot of bad decisions. id say thats why i currently have 35 dollars in my bank account and the only way that will go up is if some man online thinks im cute enough to send me pity money. like i said, choatic. i live with my step dad…. dad? well aparantly he is even though growing uo my mom told me the man she slept with was just our room mate. even though i could clearly hear them having sex. often. but yeah, just a room mate. that wasnt weird. i have a sister. and other siblings on my fathers side. we can get into that another time. since its full of drama and mental illness. i dont hve a job. i was a stripper for 6 years. since i was 18. i have a dog. i have a boyfriend who only tells specific people that i am his girlfriend.

this is going to be interesting. i hope that you are hooked already. i promise to make this as honest as possible. i cant promise you that you will see me in a good light afrter awhile, like i said ive made some decisions and i havent always been the greatest. i do try to value good morale though,



please stick around, give me some company. help me feel less alone. and ill repay you in insane crazy raunchy emotional stories.



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December 6, 2020

Welcome to OD. Come on in! The water’s fine!