Deep See

A little deep-see

Numerous times I’ve wondered where I would have ended at this very moment in time, if choices; decisions; behavior and, predictability, had all been different. There are those that have very, very strong personalities and convictions and loyalties, among other attributes and/or characteristics that make whom, who, and what we are.

If I hadn’t met my husband. chances are, I would still be living in Tucson, Arizona, living with an abusive boyfriend that preferred his drugs and other women to coming home.

I am curious by nature and I have to be honest by stating that during that period in my life I wasn’t so…. pragmatic. I was still young and of the mind-set that I could do whatever I want because it was owed to me. And not just certain aspects of life, but the whole “Sha-bang!”. At an early age we are taught right from wrong. We are taught not to touch a hot stove. We are taught to wear warm mittens or glove when the temperatures at reaching freezing and below. You get the gist. Our parents taught us how to utilize “common sense” by teaching us right from wrong. Please, keep in mind, that this information is based solely on my past experience. This is solely my opinion and I am not an expert.

As I was saying … as we become older we are still learning – how to balance a check-book – how to drive – how to make our own decisions and choices with the understanding and knowledge that whatever choice is made, or decision concluded, could either be right or wrong. This whole piece probably sounds sappy? Disappointed? Maybe. I know that were choices and decisions made long ago that now I wish hadn’t been. Yet even contemplating on that… I believe that I am where I am supposed to be at this point in time.

We’ve all made mistakes and wrong choices, and most certainly we have made all bad decisions in the past. I doubt that will change in our future ,too. But then I look at “it” like this… is there really ever a bad choice or decision made? Maybe intuition spoke; or a gentle hand lightly guided us. When that happens, do you ever….

Do you ever wonder why?

I do. But that’s another entry altogether isn’t it?

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March 6, 2018

I wonder why frequently, and am grateful for intuition, at least when I pay attention to it.