Quote Comp – Q2 answers and Q3

Sorry it’s been so long for this. I would have posted this sooner but with the 2 enforced house moves…

The last quote was:

“I don’t want to waste another moment of my life without you in it.”

And I had quite a few answers.

From Oribeth:
Ooh, I know, I know! *bounces up and down in her seat, waving her hand á la Hermione* Garden State, yes? Zach Braff is a hottie ^^

Peter_24601 agreed:
Oh yeah, easy as Sunday morning. My answer: Garden State. Love that movie… good quote! Later,

And Rodge:
Largeman in Golden State, or something like that I think.

As did Karma Girl:
Easy. Garden State!

As well as unfold:
Garden State, Garden State. Also, did you used to do movie link quizzes? I’m sure I used to note your diary back in the day..xxx

And finally, lyrically:
Garden State.

And it’s a good thing you all agreed because it just so happens to be the right answer.

And yes, unfold, I did do a movie link competition (6 degrees of Kevin Bacon)

And now for the next quote, as previewed in the entry before this one, written by the amazingly gorgeous Shar:
“SAY, would you like some chocolate covered pretzels? They’re a little melty, but DAMN are they exquisite!”

If you answered in my last entry, your answer will count.

You have a week (and, yes, I do mean it this time).


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