Return of the Quote comp!

Rules of Quote Comp:
1) The quote will be from a book, TV series, film or song,
2) No hints will be given out, so do not ask,
3) Give as much info as you can,
4) You will have roughly a week to answer, at which time I will give the correct answer, and the next quote,
5) There is no actual prize apart from boasting rights,
6) If someone else has given the same answer as you, answer anyway,
7) Only William the Bloody (as comp organiser)has the right to tell people if they as right or wrong,
8) You may enter more than once however multiple guesses of the same answer will invalidate entries
9) William the Bloodys decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.

Got it? Right, first quote:
“Yes… No… Maybe… I don’t know … “

Good luck.


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July 31, 2001

From the theme song of Malcolm in the Middle, purportedly sung by They Might Be Giants. The rest goes: “Could you repeat the question?You’re not the boss of me nowYou’re not the boss of me nowYou’re not the boss of me nowAnd you’re not so (strong?)(repeat)Life is unfair” Enough information? I win. Yay.

Theme from Malcolm in the MiddleCan you repeat the questionYou’re not the boss of me now (x3)And you’re not so big.Life is unfair. And it is definitely by They Might Be Giants and was released in Britain on the 16th of July 2001. They also played the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on that date, and they were brilliant! Although I’m not sure that part is actually relevant.

GOD DAMN IT. I KNEW THAT. Deus maldição aquilo. Eu conhecia que. Gott verdammen es. ICH kannte jene. Dieu merde le. Je savais thanksggiving. Dios chingado. Conocía ese.

August 1, 2001

Awwww I guess I need to be quicker off the mark in the future (even though I didnt know it anyway)

i don’t watch that 🙁 it just sounds silly! I remember some one got selotaped to a door once, can you tell me did that happen on the show or is my life getting weirder?

I don’t watch that either. Hrm. Oh well. There’s always next time! I’ll see you again, same Bat time, same bat channel! ~