Waiting For My Execution

…At least that’s what it feels like.

Everyone was ok with my presence till I turned eighteen. Born poor is really tough. I never, ever wanted to make my family feel pressured to provide me with education…so I chose the cheapest education I could get and I sacrificed my sleep to study and study and study…

But it isn’t enough. It will never be enough. Not when I have my rich cousins…born rich… who are software engineers who make millions per year. Don’t get me wrong…I love them…but just because I am poor, or that I only have a master’s degree doesn’t mean that I am inferior to them or that anyone can treat me like trash.

I tried out jobs in local colleges because of all the pressure I’ve been getting these days.  But now I work online as a content writer at a local company. I thought they would be pleased…but I was wrong. They treat me as if I’m lying. They once asked me when I was in the middle of my short break…” enjoy your sleep?” and my mom curses me under her breath everytime something bad hapens as if I am the cause of all the problems in her life. And everyday feels harder to survive. It’s like I’m…

waiting for my execution.

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