I had to return the Switch…

It wasn’t a good purchase at the time. I have my red 3DS back though. That’s fine. I love the games that you can play on there plus there is a chance that I could get a Switch in the new year. So, I am happy. I had to fix the SD card (didn’t recognize the card) and the camera bc it was black. That was an easy fix. So, things are happy again.

I had a fucking panic attack today. I was at the blood lab getting work done (and with me having hemophilia – I am one of the rare females usually it’s males only) and I bled out… profusely. Thank God my case is mild. I don’t need blood transfusions. But after that I was panicking about the taxi. I had frazzled nerves today! But I’m ok now. (I think)

I am just installing my games, I will do the non 3DS games later. 🙂 And of course for my Jeffy @heffay2 I will have screenshots of my game. 🙂 So…

All in all, a busy day.



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December 22, 2022

I guess I’d forgotten that you are a hemopheliac. Good that you have it under control. It can be scary; I worked with a man who had it and his health was always delicate. Take good care of yourself, Sammy!

December 22, 2022

Thank you. 🙂 I do have it under control… 😀 Really? You really have to watch your scrapes and cuts and all that eh?