It was bound to happen

I’m not sure what to do with this one. An acquaintance sent me a text concerning my son’s death. I don’t know this person very well. We just volunteer at the same place once a week for a couple of hours. We don’t have deep intimate conversations or anything. Fairly superficial. Anyway, in the text she says she’s sorry about my son’s death, and then she goes on to say, “…the Holy Spirit showed me that your son must not have been a Christian.” This is a major red flag for me. And later in the text, she writes, “I pray that you will not allow Satan to accuse and torture you with thoughts of any guilt for missed opportunities not having loved your son enough.” And there’s more basic stuff about hoping my son’s death will put the fear of the Lord into his friends and family  that need to be saved.

I’m not offended by her text. I’m just concerned that she might be slightly off track in her own spiritual journey. My family grew  up in the church. My children both accepted Jesus, chose to be baptized, and never denounced God. I’m not concerned about my son’s track record with God. As far as loving my son – well, I never stopped loving him and every time I spoke to him, I told him I loved him. I always encouraged him, listened to him, gave him advice when asked, helped out emotionally or financially when needed. I did what a mom does. I have no regrets except the fact that he’s not here anymore.

So when someone stirs a nonexistent pot, I always have to wonder what’s going on in their life. Maybe she has regrets in her own life. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll shove this onto my spouse and let him respond. I don’t feel like wading in this crazy lady pool.



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November 20, 2022

I’d just chalk it up to maybe something that is bugging her? I wouldn’t dwell on this too much.

November 25, 2022

Wow, the nerve of this lady.  Who does she think she is saying these kinds of things to a grieving mother??  You are a good person to not hold it against her.