IUD Drama

First entry. New too this. But here we go.

In November,  I had laparoscopic surgery. For those who don’t know, laparoscopic surgery is a type of surgery that checks for problems in the abdomen or a woman’s reproductive system. Laparoscopy helps diagnose and treat problems in the reproductive organs. It can help find the cause of symptoms, such as pain or bleeding. It is done to find out: a fibroid, a blocked or damaged Fallopian tube, Endometriosis, ovarian cyst, or abnormal growth (tumor), Tubal pregnancy, and Pelvic organ prolapse. The surgery is done through a few incisions in the belly.

In October, something in my gut told me something was a bit strange. I had a Mirena IUD and it was just freshly new;3 months give or take. This was my second Mirena- first one had unexpectedly fell out. I’ve had the ParaGard for several years. Because of the IUD, I’ve had irregular cycles. Days have passed and blood have been drawn, and ultrasounds were done. It was confirmed that my IUD was slightly lowered aka misplaced: which is so upsetting because I had it recently checked weeks prior to all of this. This caused an Ectopic Pregnancy in my left tube. After several visits to the ER, numerous blood drawn, the IUD was removed and I was given what’s called “methotrexate.” Which is a dose of medication that is injected in both arms to  to stop the rapid growth of an ectopic pregnancy. It is used in chemotherapy and some woman have to get second dose. And of course I was one of those woman who needed a second dose the following week. A week goes by, and my blood had to be retaken to confirm the medication was working. Unfortunately it did not.  I was rushed to have an emergency ultrasound just  to confirm. The only next step was to have surgery. Now the surgery can go two ways: everything can be successfully scraped out of the tube, however if that does not work, the whole tube must be removed. My heart was shattered once I was told there is a chance my entire left tube could be removed. I couldn’t bare with the news. I didn’t know what to think or why can this happen to anyone.

Thankfully, everything went successfully during the surgery. Minus some hiccups with my heart rate. Recovery isn’t a walk in a park either. Unable to sit up, lay down, stand for a long period time. Forever feeling uncomfortably in pain. & It still gets to me as day goes by as I recover. It’s been 7 months now and I think about it everyday. There’s so many pregnant women at work and it brings me joy for them, but still makes me sad. As each day goes by, I pray and hope I won’t go through the pain again.

stay tuned for randomness, sadness, joy, and most of all, drama.


-your typical reader. 

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June 16, 2021

Welcome to OD. I hope you come to love this community of people as much as most of us do. I’m very sorry for your loss. Loss of children isn’t ever easy, no matter how or when it happens. Blessings to you.

June 16, 2021

@caria thank you so much! I’m happy to have stumbled upon OD

Writing is good for the mind. Self psychotherapy 🙂 Good the surgery went well. I had the laparoscopic for a hernia years ago. Things broke loose later. It IS less messy than the good old cut yah open stuff. I hope you have good support with a significant other, family and friends.