In dreams…

Last night after posting pix of the dogs, I fell back asleep, and dreamed about looking for Bees in a large hotel filled with these massive hypodermic needles. I saw my dead foster sister there and my other foster sister…. I had lived in a foster home before moving to where I am now…  but I have no idea wtf this all means… except that it might symbolize my worries…. and I was .. or am worried about Bees… she has been puking up this dark red stuff… and Wen thinks it might be blood. But why Alissa and Lorie??? (the two foster sisters – Al is dead but idk about Lorie… maybe it’s bc of I’m thinking of MatheMw my nephew who is quite possibly homeless… again idk?)

Weird shit. I’m just drinking lemon water and trying to shake out the remnants of this dream… and I’ve got the Sims 2! Yay!!!! More craziness! Less mods though. I can do without mods. Minimal CC bc I want the Sims 4 to work. 



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October 17, 2020

Bees should go see a doctor this could be serious…..Puking blood is not a good thing….

@jaythesmartone Luckily the dr is coming this Wednesday and she is getting checked out. 🙂

October 18, 2020

I have been having crazy weird dreams, lately.  A lot of them involve being unable to find my fiancé, our car, my keys, or to get my phone to work.  A lot of feeling unable to fix a situation that should have easy solutions if everything would just work right.
I think it’s the current state of the world.

@oniongirl Yeah, could be. :/

December 17, 2020

I hope Bees is okay.