The Friday 5

  1. What do you do when it’s bedtime and you’re not sleepy?
  2. When were you most recently bashful?
  3. Have you seen a doc in the past nine months?
  4. What’s got you feeling grumpy lately?
  5. What’s making you happy today?

My answers are below:

  1. I surf the web aimlessly or game…. I’m borrowing Julz’ Switch until I get mine later on this month.
  2. Bashful is an emotion I am not familiar with,
  3. Nope.
  4. D and the rest of her High & Mighty crew.
  5. Knowing my baby girl Bees will be here for the hols.

Now you. (link)

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December 11, 2020

I watch my crime shows till I fall asleep

Me bashful?


Yes for my wax in my ears.


Seeing hubby in the AM

@jaythesmartone I love crime shows… do you like Criminal Intent?

December 11, 2020

When I can’t sleep I read. I may have been bashful about 60 years ago as a pre-teen. Yes, I have several healthcare providers I see periodically throughout a year.  Politics make me grumpy when I let it. My puppy makes me happy every day.

@chalandra Politics irks me too.

December 11, 2020

Surf the web and play games too ahah
It means shy right? in that case I am always shy baha as long as I’m anxious
I saw my psychiatrist in November and my therapist yesterday
Idk I just be feeling agitated a lot I think Its a thing with schizophrenics
My job interview next week 🤗

@schizophrenic What do you play? I play Pokemon Shield/Let’s Go Eevee… I’m not shy in the least. I am pretty outgoing, Good luck with the job interview!

December 11, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea Thank you! and I play a lot of Black Ops 3 Zombies haha I like shooting games

December 11, 2020

read and  lesson to  podcasts

@ihavenoarms Which podcasts do you like Todd?

December 13, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea I listen  to over  50  podcasts  from comedy   sports     religion   and  download  them  to mt  iPod  on  overcast and Himalaya apps

@ihavenoarms Yeah, I like comedy and creepypasta ‘casts on Spotify.

December 14, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea cool some  times I us Spotify  to for podcasts  all to for music  to

@ihavenoarms I use Spotify alot for podcasts.

December 17, 2020

I’m so glad that you get to see Bees.