Furthermore (Duality: As Above, So Below)

In addition to my previous entry, where I discussed Duality as Christic emanation, I would like to add the following.
I discussed the nature of the Law “As Above, so Below” but I wanted to add a nuance to my reasoning.
There is an aspect of this Law that depicts the principle of attraction.
Therefore, whatever you emanate, its essence will return back to you.
This is because as God’s Co-Creators, we echo everything we do; you know that the echo wave returns our uttering back to us.
This is why we contemplate the manifestation of our ideas, deeds and so on.
As vessels, we can fill ourselves with different kinds of energies that later attract things with patterns that correspond to the essence of what we gathered inside of us. And not only. You cannot fill yourself with filth and expect to be full of virtues.
If we work on ourselves in order to pour in our own Holy Grail abundance, light and love, all such things will transpire within us.
Therefore, the idea that good and evil battle each other kind of disintegrates, because if you swing between them, you will get stuck in karma that gets tossed back and forth, and if you believe cyclic change between nice and bad moods is the essence of life, you really believe that unstable state of being is the drive force of life.
Our efforts are always directed to achieve balance, the healthy inner stability that thrives despite and amid all circumstances.
This is how we learn to become impartial and unconditional.
The strength of a person is to remain within the inner unity that is distinguished with deep unshakable peace and mature, grown, unwavering stance. No outer changes can break true inner stability.
This is why malevolent emanations are there to help us overcome them and become capable of maintaining the balance within and around us, to bring balance to the outer world by spreading our own harmony, the constant abundant harmony we channel undisrupted from God. If we swing between bad and evil, we will scatter the healing process and it will become a chain of relapses instead. A chronic illness.
This is why it is so dangerous to believe that good and evil are two opposites that maintain the cyclic nature of life.
This is why I repeat this so often.
If one believes in this deeply, they will have no stimulus to choose unconditional love because they can easily get dragged in the playground of vain emotions.
The impact of our bad emotions is beyond us, because “As above, so Below” also means that our creations influence the state of the entire cosmic organism. We poison the matter beyond the known field, the field we acknowledge so far with the senses we recognise for now.
This misbelief is born because nobody can hear our thoughts. We think our reactions and thoughts are limited to ourselves, but we emit energy, fire, many substances that change the ambience around us; impetuses that can reach someone far away, influence scattered by the wind that can convince someone to kill a person or help a person. We are interconnected and the substances in the world are not separate despite the illusion our own privacy creates. Everyone can perceive our thoughts because they are like a radio channel we don’t know is played around us. All matter carries the records of every single occurrence. It does not disappear. Even if we are long gone. Thus, the best we can do is become benevolent vessels that aim to reaching unconditional Love. We will become living reservoirs of health that gets spread all around, refining people with its gentle touch and being embedded in the planet’s grid for further manifestation. It will remain there for a long time. It will either facilitate the ascension process (of the consciousness) or it will be an infected wound that has epithelialized with pus underneath. On the second occasion, a layer after layer will have to be cleansed gradually and with persistence before it can be healed completely … in case it does not get further affected by a second influx of negativity.
This is why we shouldn’t seek vengeance. It will always have a comeback to us because everything is a lesson for us to realise something we are missing. A lesson to improve ourselves, because we had fragmented ourselves from the First Human to monades and separate sparks that wanted to become unconditional in the experiment of dual nature, where we could become everything that we are not, everything that is not God.
We cannot blame God because we chose a lengthy path of gathering experience that was born our of the divine frustration to know what God isn’t and to see if we could prove ourselves strong enough to pass the challenge as pure beings. To gather experience, knowledge and contribute to our abundant growth that knows no end, for infinity is not a spatial dimension but a current of adamantine riches of Love’s imagination.
Love is perfect in the sense that it gives birth only to healthy and benevolent creations.
However, we couldn’t have resisted the temptation to know the opposite.
It is such a slow process and we blame God and fate that they are cruel. But we have done bad things and we provoked a natural echoing response, that is not there to seek revenge but is just an objective backward emanation of a Creator that was careless when launching their own primordial force. What we can do is open our eyes and learn how to navigate this process better and smart, for good that will bless us in the future. Otherwise we will become unhappier and sicker, because an architect cannot create a building without it collapsing if it is mathematically and symmetrically wrong. This is why karma is a lesson. Every repeated mistake is a further progress of the illness and each strike is just deepening the wound. Karma teaches us a lesson the hard way and it gets harder and harder if we choose to be selfish and careless, without any concern for everything around us.
We are part of the greater picture. And remember once again, it is us that embarked on the project of exploring suffering and destruction. So even if it seems unbearable, we have to complete this task. Rush cannot bring progress and God has patience. Without patience, we are not really a complete version of human beings. God grants wishes and allows things but we always have to harvest the fruit of our deeds. It has to be fair. It has to be according to the Cosmic evolution period and span. We can protest against our voluntary decision we have already taken but there is no turning back. Try to stop an avalanche? Also, it is not only Adam Kadmon, the First Human (not necessarily Earth’s first human) fragmentation. Before each life we have on Earth, we make promises, take responsibilities for planned tasks to complete and to conduct a certain general mission. We agree to some scenarios and conditions that have a specific plan and purpose. And lately, in such an important period, the turning point of Kali Yuga, we are here mostly to contribute to the planet’s ascension process. So it is a shame to focus on mundane or vain things, really. We were trusted and chosen among many other spirits that wanted to take our place, that could have been entrusted with a useful task. Not everyone is super advanced, not everyone is super ascended, there are many souls at an earlier stage of development, but everyone ┬áhere now agreed to contribute before this specific birth because now it is time to activate the Light Codes of the Fiery Future that is being projected now. And as for those underdeveloped, we are here to help them advance further; we should all remember our adamantine blueprint we carry inside… Why not remember it and help those around us remember it too.. Without causing fuss if they are not ready. Sometimes it’s better to shut up and give example just by behaviour and state of being.

Also, we are not left alone! The entire Skies are coordinating the process and constantly helping us, guiding us. The Ascended Masters are also here with us, some of them have even sacrificed their Causal Bodies to gift us with a further chance, new gifts, insights and divine attributes such as the Violet Flame of Transmutation (St. Germaine’s sacrifice of his Causal body and gift to us) and the Christic Connection / Bond / Impulse / Light that Jesus Christ gave to us during his incarnation. He literally connected us to God’s Cable, let’s call it that way, but this is another topic, let’s not get carried away.

There are so many teachings and the variations of guidance are infinite once you admit, beyond the selfish ego, once you open your eyes after so many signs shown already, hinted in various ways and life scenarios. Life is entirely about relying on God’s providence while keeping balance and working on your specific task. It is hard to keep balance through the entire life, because what is now known has to be acquired in practice and persistence as well, hence, the harder challenges. But the focal point and guidance, the meaning of life and influx of Love of the Source are always there with you once you fall in love with them.

We are being led to every book source, acquaintance, life situation and every single thing that continues the learning process of ascension and serving to the divine plan, as long as we want to acknowledge it ourselves and follow this path rather than the vain pleasures of material life. On planet Earth, there isn’t a singe thing guaranteed until the rest of the life. Therefore comfortably holding to a single thing is not useful because the whole point is to put to use all conditions handed over to you based on what you did, on what is on the way as per the planned life before birth and all present circumstances and attributes you need right now, in this very moment in order to realise a certain project without distractions. That is why sometimes we feel we are deprived of something unfairly. It’s probably not the right moment, as it would be a distraction, and we need to focus on something else now.

We are everything else but left on our own! The choice is in our hands.

I hope everyone will hear the Source’s sound someday. I personally awe it and love it so much. It is beyond perfection really.

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