The meaning of Life

We were born to carry out our life mission.
There is an aspect of it that will open our eyes towards new meanings that we’ve missed.
There is an aspect that helps us grow up as a spirit, based on how we react and handle situations.
There is an aspect where we serve the global mission of the planet, we have to energetically contribute to the growth and development of the realm, even if it seemingly is an invisible process; it is very real.
There is also the aspect to enjoy life as much as possible.
There is the aspect of the memories.
There isn’t a single meaning,
Each emotion is the meaning.
Life is the blank space and our spirit fills it with meaning.
Why did God launch Creation?
For the sake of enrichment and re/discovering new interpretations!
Growth is always the answer to meaning!
Also, it is always shifting, and Let’s not forget that Creation is the Spiral, it is not a linear movement, and this, even if you never discussed it never read about it, will at least subconsciously strike a cord.
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February 12, 2023

Love this. Makes me think of the teaching that life is god experiencing itself over and over, in new ways.