What is Love?

Love is unconditional all that’s all that needs to be said, the rest is unnecessary overcomplication. If someone does not understand what unconditional means, then it’s not the right moment to discuss this with them or to even try to explain on behalf of their experience and own path. What I’m trying to say is that only true love can survive the trial of time and situations and you will know at a certain point whether what you have, is true, as otherwise it will crumble. And this is without doubt, everything that imitates love, is just doomed to disintegrate, fall apart and mostly, part ways. And then, when you look back in time, you can tell the difference between past expectations / desired initial impression and the actual matter of facts; and the more impartial you become, the more you detach emotionally from the situation, the better perspective you get, the more lessons you learn, the more details that you’ve missed start unveiling. Truth is truth, no matter how much one deceives themselves and tries to hide or delude themselves. Truth sooner or later exposes facts, as lies cannot last forever. The situation starts hyping, it escalates and … it always leads to a lesson. We are here to discover different aspects of life, to acquire meanings, but it is all in all interpretations subject to our own imagination and filters. But the truth is only one and it is impartial. IT’s just there. Whoever sees it, sees it. Yet it is not easy to find it whenever you want, probably one needs to overcome repetitive patterns first and to get it in the appropriate moment, as sometimes other things are the priority.
After some failures… it is so hard to trust again and to be open for the positive relationship to come!
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December 23, 2022

one my have love for one self, if someone is commit crimes I think love should not be conditioned. I agree with you because for any situation be apart someone need accept everything, sometimes it not worth accepting if your leading down dark dark road with someone who crazy,