Maintaining Remnants of the Past …

If you are someone just visiting … I’ve had this OD for about 16 years.


I started this Open Diary when I was 16 years old, after coming out of a 9 year abuse from my former step father, who is still in prison.

I was actually convinced to create my OD by one of my best friends at the time, whom I talk to every blue moon now.  When I created my OD, I wrote in it everyday.

As a teen, I wrote everything that I experienced during that time.  I was a typical teen that was dealing with the affects of abuse, both self-destructive and healing.  Getting out of the abuse was still fresh.  I dealt with cutting, being promiscuous, manic behavior, depression, anger, etc.  I was just a teen on the road to recovery.

I also wrote some silly posts where I wanted to make others laugh, despite how ridiculous the posts were. Lol.  Some of those posts are pretty ridiculous, and almost embarrassing 😅 … you’ve been warned!!  Ha ha ha.   Though I can still be silly, in a mature way … some of the content you may find, I have grown from and isn’t the person I am today.


Even though I have changed, I want to keep it in here.  Hopefully you, the reader and commenter, can see how a self destructive girl who was finding herself and looking towards Jesus … can develop into the woman she has become today.  I am a wife, though it has its moments, and a mother of 4 … homeschooling them trying to give them the best!  And, most importantly, I have a love for Jesus.  More than ever before.  I am 32 years old!  Can you believe it?

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are great (and I have them!)  But there is something very personal that OD has that I enjoyed … and finding that I still love.

I’ve decide that I want to use OD not only to document my life as a woman in her thirties, but  also a time capsule to the past!

I am so happy Open Diary is still around! 🥰. OD … please stay around! Who knows … if I keep this up, who knows what life would be like when I’m in my sixties … or eighties! 😊


Like I said in my last post, all the friends I’ve had on here before have moved on to better and wonderful things … but I am looking forward to the new ones I make here on OD.


In honor of the past, I am going to post a “quiz” .  Thanks for the time!  God bless and I hope you’re day goes well.

Much Love Always,




Name: Amber

Age: 32

Current Location: Colorado

Weight: Definitely NOT 116 lbs 🤦🏻‍♀️

Height: Still 5’8”

Occupation: SAHM of 4 kids!  (AKA The House Cook, Teacher, and Unpaid Cleaning Lady! 😜😂)

What’s Changed? :  I am -slightly- less hyper and dramatic 🤷‍♀️ … sometimes … 😇 I’ve also healed quite a lot compared to when I first began OD.

Music:  Still all types (or MOST types, I should say).  I listen to more Christian music than I did before.

Status: Married.

Personality: More Laid-back than before.  I enjoy my days to be slower than before.  More of a morning person now than I was in my teens and in my twenties 🤷‍♀️.

What Would You Like To Tell Your Younger Self?:

“Things aren’t going to go the way you expect.  I know you were wondering what your purpose was … and you’ll always question.  But hang on! Jesus is with you.  You are going to go through a lot of hurt, rejection, and life-changes.  But you will make it!  You are STRONG.  You’ve still got more to live for and good things will come.” 😊

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February 28, 2020

Welcome back! It’s so good to have you here 🙂

February 28, 2020

@thediarymaster thank you very much! Good to be back 😊

February 28, 2020

Hi! I started my diary here also as a 16 year old dealing with self destructive tendencies due to a childhood of abuse and dysfunction.  I am now a 36 year old mother of 2 and my life is diff in some ways…better for having my 2 kids…a great job that I love…amazing friends I wish everyone could have…but still challenging in others. (Living situation, my family, relationships with men….etc…) But like you, I’ve come a long way and know I’m not done growing as a person.

Most of my friends from the original OD are gone too….but it’s still such an awesome community. I was so happy when it re launched!

I hope to read more abt your journey soon!

February 28, 2020

@thecriticsdarling  thank you for sharing your story with me 😊.  It’s a blessing to have the family and friends to support you.   Amazing how much can change over time.  We both share a similar story.  I definitely know that I am still growing, but glad I was able to overcome things.

Well thank you for the note!  I’m glad I can come back and share with everyone my journey 😊 … I’ll post more soon.

February 28, 2020

I picked up my OD again after a lot of years. It feels good to write again, doesnt it? Welcome back!

February 28, 2020

@sparklethewingbug it feels AWESOME! I’ve always loved OD 😊 …. and thank you 😁