Monday 5/22/23

  I   had good night. I had a nice aide. She gave me a good sponge bath, put cream on my thighs then changed my briefs. They also elevated my legs and that kept them from hurting so much. She even came in to check on me. I was not laying in urine all night.

I hadhad some wei7:22a.m.rd dreams though. I was with my mother and nephew Rich. We were in a restaurant in Steubenville. My mom gand I were talking ignoring iRich. He got offended and said “Well I guess nobody cares for med I’m leaving.” Then he did leave us.

I had another dream. This one was about books. I was walking down Fourth Street in Steubenville. I was headed for the library. But I came across a bookstore. I went in and checked out the books. I saw a couple volumes on a series of history books about the Civil War I wantedj to buy two but could only afford one.  So I purchased that one book. This was a nice dream.

Aides came in at five. They changed my briefs  and got me in my wheelchair. I was still very sleepy so I slept until daylight. Chocolatechip called. We talked briefly.  She was alread up and cleaning, getting ready for inspection.  After that drinks and breakfast came.

I had two slices of French toast and eggs.  I had one coffee and one glass of orange juice. The food and drinks perked me up. I’m above the dirt and ready to face the day. 

I finially started reading my new book Simply Lies by David Baldacci. I read the first ten chapters last night. The author cought my interest from the start. I am going to enjoy reading this book.

10:33a.m. I’ made it to the coffee social. I needed help in getting down but I’m here. I can’t wait for my donut and coffee fix. I have been sleeping most of the morning so I could use a caffeine and sugar fix. I need the coffee to keep me going… 

It can’t get any better than having  coffee, a donut and a good book in the morning. I even got my briefs changed in a timely manner this morning. Life is good.

3:30p.m. I ate a lot this morning. I had two donuts. two coffees and a glass of chocolate milk. I was stuffed. They also served a big lunch. I couldn’t eat it all. I got most of it down then I needed help getting back to my room.

I had a good afternoon. I did a lot of reading in my book Simply Lies by David Baldacci. It is getting more interesting with each passing page. I read another twelve chapters. I don’t want to reveal any more of the story. Trust me, it is very good.

Things are going my way for a change. I have been asking about a tv remote. I finially got one today. Now I can watch Channel 9 news. I won’t feel so isolated. Now if the nursing home will only provide a subscription to The New York Times I would be a happy camper. But I don’t see that happening any time soon, if at all.

One thing didn’t go very well. I had an accident after lunch. I kept ringing the call light. Aides would co e, turn it off and walk away. They kept telling the nurse I was just changed. This was a lie. Finially somebody did change my briefs but I was sitting in urine almost all afternoon.

It is 4pm. They will be serving drinks and dinner soon. For dinner I’m having a grilled chicken club sandwich, coleslaw and a cup of fresh fruit for dessert. I’m not too hungry but I could use a cup of coffee or two. 

Another thing is I got a COVID-19 booster shot. It was my option. I had three or four bouts of COVID since being here. I thought the pandemic was pretty much behind us but I guess you still can’t be too careful.  So I always get the shots when they ask me.

6:36p.m. I ate two grilled chicken sandwiches for supper. That made me very bloated.  It will pass but I’m in a lot of pain in the meantime. It seems everything I eat makes me loated. I was telling Chocolatechip I need to stop eating too much, especially the donuts in the morning.

I talked with Chocolatechip after I ate. She was kind of depressed about inspection and an incident with another tenant. I tried to cheer her up. I was saying those pill popping, pot smoking ass wipes are not worth an ounce of your pee. She was also looking at this one sweater from a catalog. It was for fall but way too expensive. 

I tried getting her mind off that one topic. We talked about her daughter Anne coming tomorrow. Anne is bringing groceries and laundry money. I also mentioned my aches an pains Then I said I finially got a working tv but can’t play it. I can’t hear the damned thing and I don’t want to bother my roommate. I said I wish I could read the news from the New York Times. 

We talked about other different subjects.  After all the work she did Chocolatechip is afraid she might not pass inspection. There are some nicotine stains in the kitchen that could not be removed. I said I’m sure you will pass after all the effort . I asked what else needs be done? She said the bathroom. She will do that last.

We said our goodbyes for the night. I hope they put me to bed early. I’ve been in this wheelchair fourteen hours now No wonder I have sores on my bottom.

8:26p.m.I read for another hour I read a total of fifteen chapters today. I’m ready for bed  I’ve been in this chair for fifteen hours.   It is past my bedtime.





























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7 days ago

I’m so glad you had a good night and had a nice aide.  I’m sure that sponge bath felt good.

Wow, you read a lot of your new book.  I read a lot last night, too, but made sure to get some sleep too.  I didn’t want to be sleepy all day today.

7 days ago

I’m glad you’ve had a good afternoon.  I wouldn’t mind having a couple of donuts and some coffee right now.  But, since I’m trying to lose weight I should stay away from the donuts.  I just ate some grilled shrimp that Jose’ cooked last night.  They were very good.

I haven’t taken any of the Covid vaccines or boosters.  I’ve had Covid twice so far…it wasn’t fun.  Since I had Covid I’ve been losing my hair.  It’s starting to grow back now but it’s still very thin.