Sunday 5/21/23

12:56p.m. They put me to bed at nine last night. I had another strange dream about being in college. In this dream I had to study for a test but my notes were allj wrong. Debbie , my then gf and future x wrote over them with the correct answers. I studied and studied but couldn’t grasp the material. I ended uop skipping the class and flunking the course.

I didn’t sleep very good because of arthritis pain and urinating. Pain was excruciating. It was a five on a one to five scale. I rang the call light and screamed my fool head off but nobody came Finially they came around 4 to get me out of bed. Aide yelled at me for screaming. I said I was trying to get help all night long. I slept in my wheelchair until they served breakfast. I had bacon, a coffee cake and scrambled eggs. They also gave me two coffees.

In short it was a typical morning in the nursing home. But I had no phone or Internet service. This bummed me out because I like to write in my journal and talk to Chocolatechip. Nurse said it would be down until ten. But I didn’t get service restored until after lunch.

I had a good lunch of roast pork hand Salisbury steak. I also had grean beans and a baked potato which I didn’t eat. I had a delicious cheesecake for dessert and a dinner roll.

I was finially able to call Chocolatechip. Her also had an outage. I asked her how she was coming along for inspection. She said she got up at five and was wondering all morning. She got to the point where she just couldn’t do anymore today. Chocolatechip said she ordered a veggie sub from Fox. We cut our conversation short because her food order arrived.

I haven’t started reading that David Baldacci novel Simply Lies. I was too tired yesterday. Also Saturday was such a shitty day I just couldn’t concentrate  I hope to pick it up this afternoon .

4:14p.m. I slept most of the afternoon. I woke up around three. I chatted with Chocolatechip on Messenger. She sold her curio cabinet to another tenant. This tenant came to pick it up. This other woman, Theresa, brazenly walked in and got an eye full of Chocolatechip’s apartment. Theresa is a thief. Chocolatechip watched her the whole time she was there. 

We talked about that for awhile. I said words fail me when it comes to those people at Overbrook Towers.  I also said I would of told Theresa  to get the hell out. Chocolatechip said she wanted to avoid drama. I said at least you got rid of that piece of furniture. She said yes got rid of the dust collector.

I talked about my life in  my new room.  I said I do not like the care I’m getting. Aides changed my briefs once this morning. I’ve been trying to get help since lunch time. I also complained about my roommate being naked and how he keeps looking at me. It gives me the creeps!

We cut our conversation short because I had a visitor. My former roommate’s wife brought me a piece of cake. We talkedfor a few minutes. I asked how she was doing. I said I miss you guys. She said today was her birthday. I ate my cake. This was my first visitor in over three years

I finially got changed. . Aides were nice. They took me to  the shower room. It was easier to stand because I could grab hold of the bars. I asked if I was going to get a shower today. They said  no. I was disappointed because I didn’t get one last week. But at least I got changed.

6:00p.m. I ate two cold grilled cheese sandwiches, potato peals and a dish of pears. They also served tomato soup but I didn’t like that. For drinks I had two coffees and a glass of chocolate milk. I feel stuffed and bloated.

I called Chocolatechip after I ate.  She was still upset over her unwanted visitor. I had to have On the bright side she is almost ready for inspection. We were talking about how you have to really go over everything and do a thorough cleaning job. It is almost like boot camp. Chocolatechip started getting ready a week before . Some people wait until the last mi ute to clean and can’t get it all done. Then they complain about failing. Chocolatechip always passes.

The day is coming to a close. It could of been better. I don’t like the idea of sitting in urine half the time. Then that naked roommate bothers the hell out of me. I also do not like not getting a shower. On the other side I got one once a week. I must stink to high heavens.

I’m definitely going to start on that David Baldacci book Simply Lies.I guess I’ve been too busy getting adjusted to my new environment and couldn’t concentrate. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get over the last book I read. I enjoyed At the Highest Levels so much I hated to see it end. I am still lost in the ending of the Cold War and  just can’t get with reading a new book. But I’m definitely going to give it a shot tonight.

8:#3p.m. I read the first sic chapters in my book Simply Lies by David Baldacc. It’s about a woman, a mom of two kids,named Mixkeyh Gibson. She is an ex cop who now works for ProEye. She helps track down rich people who default on their debts. Mickey normally works from home. But she receivesj a call from a lady supposedly working for ProEye

They want her to investigate this house. Mickey accepts the assignment. The hose she goes to is a spooky old mansion. She does a quick inventory of the assets. Then she findsk a dead body in a secret room. Lead investigator thinks Mickey is the suspect. I think the rest of the story is about Mickey clearing her name and tracking down the true killer.

I’d like to read more but I’m  getting pretty tired. I would like to go to bed now. But God knows how long they will keep me in my cir. I’ve already been in my wheelchair for over sixteen hours. It is time for bed.






















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May 22, 2023

How nice of your former roommate’s wife to bring you some cake.   I just hate that they moved you from your old room where you felt comfortable.  Did you find a place to plug in and charge your things in the new room?

How often do they help you get a shower?  That should be something that is done at least every few days…especially if you ask for one.

I can’t believe they just let your new roommate stay naked all the time.  Is he up and around or bed bound?  Either way, it’s wrong that you are forced to look at that every day.