Wednesday 5/15/24

8:07a.m. I’m above the dirt. I had a good niyyght. I fell asleep around 11:00. I woke up for good at 7:00. In-between I had great care. Aides came in to change me at least twice. I also had a good d breakfast of ham and pancakes.  

I talked with Chocolatechip after I ate. She was up early droing chores. Her case manager is taking her to the Urban Mission in Steubenville for groceries . Pick up time is 8:30 . We talked for a few minutes then she had to go. 

Well today is the big day. I will be rich. I’m getting that $75 Amazon gift card. I’ll load it on my account and buy three books. I want to get The Edge, Calamity of Souls by David Baldacci for $14.99 each.l then Landscapes Turned Red by Stephen W Sears for $11.30. I’ll save the rest for the Stephen King and John Grisham books when they come out at the end of the month.      

10:28s.m. I had pancakes and ham for breakfast. It was ok but it made me a bit queezy in the stomach. I called Chocolatechip after I ate. No answer. She was still out with her case manager, I guess. I watched CNN for a bit. They were talking about the Trump hush money trial. Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, was under intense cross examination yesterday. Also Republican lawmakers were lined up outside the court house. They were hoping to be able to kiss Trump’s ass. I can only take so much of Trump so I turned it off.

I fell asleep for awhile. The aides woke me up when they came in to change my briefs and dress me. I am all dressed and in my wheelchair. She did a good job today. I can’t bitch about my care today.

I hope to do a lot of reading today. I’d like to finish Chapter 10. I’m about halfway through Gettysburg. I don’t want to stop now.

Also, I got my menu.  For lunch I’m having chicken noodle soup, hot dogs,k baked beans and vanilla ice cream.  They are serving country smothered chicken, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes and a biscuit for supper. They really do need to work on their mashed potatoes.

11:45p.m. I’m in the Fiesta Room waiting for lunch. I’m kind of hungry so I can’t wait for lunch. Especially the ice cream because my mouth is a sandbox today.    

2:05p.m. Lunch wasn’t very good. I ate two hot dogs that made me sick. After that I made my way back to my room. I stopped at the nurse’s station for some Mylanta. Chocolatechip called. She just got back from the Urban Mission. We talked about that for a few minutes then she wanted to put away het food. I tried to read but fell asleep in my wheelchair I just woke up.    

3:06p.m. I’m back in bed. I wasn’t feeling very well. I rang my car all light and the aides were on the ball. They put me back in bed undressed me and changed my poopy briefs. They were friendly and did a great job.  

I hope I will be getting my Amazon gift card soon. Activities should be back from Walmart at 4:00. I cant wait to buy more books. I’m obsessed with books.

4:25p.m. I read for about an hour. I finished Chapter 10 of Gettysburg. It was about the 2nd days battle for, I think Seminary Ridge. This time the Gods of War smiled on the Union side. Then I talked with Chocolatechip. She watched Dr. Phil. It was about son in law battling with his mother in law. I had enough of that shit when I was married.  I read my book instead. 

They ought to be back from Walmart by now. I hope I will be getting a gift card soon. They told me yesterday I’ll be getting one after five. I can hardly wait. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve. I called the front desk . I should be getting one she said after everything is unloaded. The anticipation is just too much. 

In the meantime I have to finish Gettysburg. I hope I can finish one more chapter tonight. 

5:36p.m. I should of known better. Once again I was lied too by the nursing home. It looks like I will NOT be getting a gift card tonight. Why do they have to lie to me they all the time? I’m pretty pissed off right now. I think this is the final straw! If I don’t get one tomorrow I’m out of here.  

6:27p.m. I ate my supper. It was lousy. The potatoes were cold. I ate everything anyway. I dunno. I’m too spitting mad to enjoy my supper.

I’m very upset about not getting that damned gift card. I have plenty of books to read. It’s the principle of the thing. That money is mine. I should be able to get it and spend as I want. The way I see it they are withholding that money from me. It shouldn’t be like that. That is my goddamned money. Also, they have been promising me I will have it since the first of the month. Their promises don’t mean shit. All they do is lie, lie and lie. 

Chocolatechip said I might get it tomorrow. They probably had a very busy day she said. I’m not holding my breath I said. I also said this is the last straw. I want out of here! I have to put up with shitty care and broken promises. Sure, there are a lot of amenities. I get free phone, tv and wifi connection. But I’m thinking is the all this is worth it? I asked especially when I’m sitting in poopy briefs for hours on end. 

I’ve had it! I cannot take this shit anymore. I swear to God I mean it this time. 

8:11p.m. I was very upset but I’m ok now.  I’ve been reading Chapter 11 in Gettysburg. I’m still very disappointed but I’ll be ok. I’ll probably never be able to buy a book again but I have plenty of books. Still, I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to buy those Stephen King and John Grisham novels coming out this month. But souls in hell want ice water.








































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May 15, 2024

Counting down until you get that gift card!  Exciting stuff!  Smiles.

May 15, 2024

@wildrose_2  it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting one tonight

May 15, 2024

@bear70 Why?  What happened?

May 15, 2024

@wildrose_2  They lied to me is all I know

May 15, 2024

@bear70 I’m so sorry Bear.  I know how much you want that gift card so you can buy some books.  Books bring you such joy!  I’m sorry for your disappointment.  I hope tomorrow you find out it was all a mistake and you will be getting your gift card soon.

May 15, 2024

Hopefully they’ll come through tomorrow, Bear.