A celebrity encounter

I text this celebrity one more time today (before I was going to delete his number) and he asked me who I was. So, I sent him a picture. He apologized for offending me and invited me to his studio session this Wednesday at 2pm. I’m going. Only because I’ll do what’s necessary for my career(without doing anything sinful).
Last celebrity I dated had treated me real nice, but he never made it pass a quick kiss. He is about my dads age. He took me back to his mansion and his foyer had shelves, filled with his Grammys. The moment I told him I did music, he dropped me like a bad habit. And what’s worse, he had a career helping people 28 and under with their music career on a widely popular talent tv show. Not to mention marrying someone a year or two younger than me only a few months later.
This time I told this celebrity that I do music FIRST. That way, he won’t think there are any ulterior motives. He knows this is what I want and I am asking for his help. I’m sure he’ll try to sleep with me too; but that will never happen.
I don’t plan on telling Shervin, but I think I should. I don’t want to lie to him. I’m just going to say I ran into him at Starbucks, and he invited me to the studio. I don’t know if he’ll believe me(Shervin).
Anyways, back to the celebrity. He has a family history of drug addiction. In fact, he was recently arrested for possession of heroin and an illegal baton that was in his car when he was stopped AND didn’t have a driver’s license. He has like 12 kids I think. This one is a self proclaimed, “crazy guy.” But I’m a Gemini, so I can deal with a crazy personality.
I’m recently dealt with an obsessive lesbian who thinks we were once in a relationship. I never even had sex with her, yet she thinks we were together. I dealt with another crazy lesbian before her, and she was even crazier. That’s how I quickly realized I’m definitely not gay. I don’t like men either. However, I am very aware of what is an “attractive” person. My therapist says I’m asexual. I don’t think so. I just haven’t met the right one yet.
I plan to prepare for my meeting with this celebrity starting tomorrow. I am going to learn a song in case they ask me to sing something on the spot. I’ll put my music on a flash drive, in case they want to hear something recorded. And I’ll wear something new or super cute without trying so hard.
Today was the first day I spoke to one of my friends since I quit smoking weed 26 days ago. I kinda took a break from everyone I knew who smoked weed because it’s a trigger for me. Just as expected, my friend hasn’t changed. He still smokes weed and will never quit. I should get different friends.
The thing is, my closest friends are guys who probably attended special education and rode the short bus during their school aged years. I’m not trying to be funny, but I prefer slightly slower guys because they don’t have the ability to hide behind a mask like other humans do. What you see is what you get.
Slower men say things without thinking. I can say anything I want to them and they return the same energy. Sometimes it can be inappropriate but I scold them immediately. It’s hilarious actually. For example, I told my slow friend today that I am trying to improve my ways. I mentioned how I don’t have sex and he blurted out, “let me be the first!”. Of course, I told him to never talk to me disrespectfully again. A regular guy would hide that shit like he’s my “understanding” friend. Then later plan how they can get in your pants or will be the opposite and become overly aggressive. With slow guys as friends, they just are themselves without any mask to hide behind.Q
I’m getting so sleepy. I only slept 4 hours last night…maybe not even that long. Gotta catch up on my beauty rest since I’m 38. I still can’t believe I’m 38. I look 28….my esthetician said 32, but she really meant 28.
I wonder if I’m delusional about what I see in the mirror. But I don’t see a day over 28. No gray hairs yet. Very few wrinkles around my eyes, and everything is firm on this body. I just bought some nightly supplements to keep this youth look going!
I’m getting so sleepy…and I gotta pee. Goodnight whoever is reading.….

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