My One-legged Homeless Friend [June 6th 2006]

I felt like this journal entry will be relevant for the overarching narrative that is my life, because of a quite influential person that came into my life at this time. I mention a few here, which instead of listing who the people are in advance, I will instead describe my relationship with them in the [brackets] commentary in the middle of these entries.

“Yes, it’s that day, [I think I started my entry like this because I had not written in my journal since May 23rd which seemed to be a long time for me.]

Haven’t written in here for a while, but I plan to. Still going out with Amanda [Girl I dated for a couple years from the end of middle school until I want to say Sophomore year in High School, although I am not entirely sure at the moment. I’m sure we will find out together and see in later posts when her and I broke up for good. As you will see in the relationships that I was involved in at this time there was a lot of “on and off”.] and she is definitely a keeper. [Gonna cut it off there. Angsty, Teeny romantic blabber. I am resolved to cut MOST of that out, lol.]

School is out now and I’m really happy about it, cause school is such a drag. [Any Naruto fans out there? My wife told me that I have always reminded her of the character ‘Shikamaru’ and I never really saw it until I started reading through my own journals. This character is constantly saying how things are “such a drag”.] I was at Gamerz Asylum [this was a local internet/video game cafe that was essentially the “bee-knees” in my circle of friends. You went there and paid x amount of dollars per hour to use their super fancy Alien Ware computers and play high graphics games. Usually everyone went there to play Counter Strike:Source on LAN, which made things pretty exciting. There was also a fight club that was held behind the building after it closed around 2 a.m., which I would participate in from time to time.] a few weeks ago and I met the coolest, one-legged homeless man, named Steve Nixon. Steve is so cool. I want to hang out with him every week! [Let’s just pretend that there is nothing creepy about this. Essentially there wasn’t. Although he was a TERRIBLE influence on me, he never tried to do anything to or with me. He did give me lots of cigarettes and alcohol though, and there plenty of other either homeless people, or peers of mine that joined in. Shrug.] I’m hanging out with him tomorrow with Josh. [Josh was a friend of mine for a few years at least. He was never very nice to me, except at this point he seemed to respect me a lot more. The first time I met Josh, a mutual friend Tyler and I were walking through our Middle School campus and Josh was passing by. Tyler said “Hey Josh!”. Josh responded “Hey Tyler”. I then said “Hey Josh!” and Josh responded “Hey faggot”. He had such a way with words. Anyhow, once we did eventually become friends, I got tired of him calling me names like that and started smack talking him to his face. This was during a Gym class that we had together and we were in the middle of playing dodgeball. As we were setting up a time and location to fight each other after school, I bent down to pick up a ball and the next thing I knew Josh slugs me in the cheek. I was pissed off, and tearing up from being upset as well as the impact of the punch. I couldn’t hit him back, because just a few weeks prior I had been warned by the Dean of our school that if I got one more referral for fighting that he was going to send me to this local “bad-boy” school as I thought of it. I was not interested in doing that, and therefore kept my composure. Josh and I ended up making up a few months after the fact anyway after I bought him a pack of cigarettes one night while we were both at Gamerz Asylum.] Oh, by the way, Josh and I are friends again. Ain’t it swell?! Ok, peace!”


And there you have it. I have A LOT of stories regarding Steve Nixon. A lot of which I unfortunately did not record in my journal for various reasons. One reason in particular is because I did not want to incriminate myself. I was constantly paranoid that my grandparents would go through my journal while I wasn’t home and then my goose would be cooked! So, again, most of my stories about Steve Nixon will be from memory and will certainly be exaggerated a little, of that I am sure. I hope that you all enjoyed this entry and I look forward to posting more soon!


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August 28, 2019

Fun entry. I really liked the commentary in response to your thoughts as a teenager.  I used to keep an online diary during my high school  days, but those entries are now long lost. They’re on a website that turned into a completely different place from what it was back then.

Did you go to a catholic high school? I had a dean who could be super strict too. I didn’t really get into a lot of fights. But if you were late to class more than twice in a year, she’d give you detention… I hated it. We had to transfer buildings in my high school.

I think you and I might be around the same age. I was, also, a high school sophomore in 2006.


August 28, 2019

@justamillennial Glad you are enjoying the commentary! I am 28, if that helps, haha.


I did not go to a Catholic High School. Always public schools for me, although I did go to my 1st year of Middle School at a charter school, but ended up getting kicked out, plus that is the year my mother kicked me out of her home as well. Was a rough year in general. I should write a post about my time in that school. It felt like a prison and I only had 3 friends that whole year. Everyone hated me.