So I had to stop taking the Anti-Biotics… They were making me REALLY sick… I was drained, bad stomach pains, a head-ache that would not go away, and kept having to run to the bathroom… I literally felt like they were killing me… The longer I took them the worse I felt… But my toe has gotten better… Was kind of a damned if I do and damned if I don’t situation… Called the Podiatrist and he couldn’t see me for MONTHS!!! So I am not feeling very lucky today…

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February 7, 2018

That sucks

February 8, 2018

@wasdazeddahlia Yea it does

February 15, 2018

If the infection is not cleared up, I would continue with the antibiotics. Add some probiotics/yogurt to your diet, and don’t take them on an empty stomach. Sometimes the best antibiotic for the job has GI side-effects, but better to fight the infection.

February 15, 2018

@bedlamhillfarm I got checked out… It was a severe reaction and was told to stop taking them… But the infections has since cleared up 🙂

February 15, 2018

@c-mcconnell Great! An upset stomach is unpleasant, but a walk in the park compared to septicemia.