A boob rant (+pics and other girly stuff!)

Ok, so my boobs are really annoying me right now and I must rant about it.

First of all, if you need to know, they aren’t that huge. I can make a B cup look decent on a good day, but most of the time they waver between a large A and a deflating B.

deflating *sigh* damn babies!

Anyway… it seems around certain times of the month and when I’m gaining weight (ha) my boobs GROW.

And right now, they are growing and it hurts and it’s annoying. i’m wearing a smaller bra because my boobs were shrinking due to my weight loss (I didn’t weigh in for last week cuz I know I’m about the same with all my lovely bloating cuz of my stupid period, and yes you wanted to know cuz you read it! ha ha)… and now they are busting out over the top of the bra and making the straps and underwire hurt.

it’s annoying!

I’m sick of them!

Why can’t they just stay one size! Yes, I’d prefer that larger, but I don’t care as long as they don’t plump up during the day and make me miserable!!!!

Speaking of misery, my back hurts and my head is throbbing and I left my midol at home.

I’m just gonna rant about everything bugging me right now:

Proceeed to me realizing I haven’t worked out in 4 days so I have to do AT LEAST 90 minutes tonight because I feel guilty. ARRRRGH! I don’t wanna! But I also don’t wanna STOP losing weight and STOP working out. So I have to do it!!!!

My local channels don’t work on my cable box and it’s pissing me off. My soap operas won’t record! And I won’t be able to see House or the other stupid stuff I watch.

it’s making me mad and I’ll have to have a dumb tech come out and he’ll probably want to replace my box and that means I’ll have to watch 40 something hours of stuff in a day (which is impossible) and … BOO.

it’s all just pissing me right the fuck off!


Did I write about how I feel like a pump got connected to my boobs and they are just being inflated into annoying non fun bags of doom?!



oh hormonal rage!

watch as i tear through this chocolate chip cookie!!!!

*snap snap snarf munch*

HA HA. what do you think of THAT!!!!

nothing? fine!!!!

Oh and just for good measure I took a pic  of my bustaliciousness, cuz everytime I mention it I get notes "what! no pics?!"

so there you have it.

Also 2 of my new hair. I’ll do a better "photo shoot" later when I feel prettier.

I’m not even wearing make up!

so first the boobages, notice the "stress lines" in the middle. I swear my boobs are getting right on my nerves!

though, this shirt is the new one I got on Thursday. Cute color no? Damn you Target and your cute shirts of doom!!!

Ok, so you can see my hair there, but here are two more including my FACE.

i need make up, ugh.

 awww you can see my puter!

People keep asking me if I did it myself.

Why yes I did. (still gotta do some prettying of some fly aways tho…)

a few people say it makes me look younger and nicer.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments. It makes me feel pretty.


maybe that’s why my boobs are growing.

they are like "awww yeah, strut strut, watch out, we are in goddess mode! must expand!"

Maybe I have secret powers and growing boobs is just the start of the transformation.

Like Sailor Moon, cept my boobs get big and my hair turns pink and I can fly.

hell yeah.

ok, back to work with me.

Or something!!!



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Ha, random – saw you on the front page. But EVERY month when I’m pms-ing mine hurt like a biatch and get all swollen and bust out of my bra also. It’s annoying, but enjoy them at their largest while it lasts.. I do! (Also A cup, bah) 😛

March 16, 2009

Yeah. You are pretty! 🙂 (However, with the picture you have up of yourself, (for your Display Picture), your hair seems to be shorter in that one, and makes it look like you got it cut! So that tends to make it confusing for me! 🙂 Lol. But…your hair looks nice either way! 🙂 Hope your boobs start cooperating with you again soon! 🙂 LOL.

lol, both you and the boobs are looking hawt!!!

March 16, 2009

ryn – It was a number of things – don’t get me wrong, The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books, and Sylvia Plath is one of my favourite poets – personally, in my own time, I do enjoy American lit. I just hated the classes. For 20thC, I had the world’s worst tutor – well, not really, she was just obsessed with war writing, and I’m not a fan of war writing, and she was so obsessed with telling

March 16, 2009

First: Sorry about your crazy boobs! Lol. Mine are finally a nice size (if still only a “B”) but I almost don’t want to lose weight cos they’ll go away again 🙁 Second: I’m in love with your hair. You braided it and did the extensions yourself?? They look super HOTT.

March 16, 2009

us exactly what to say in an exam rather than actually talking about the texts. She kept making us make bloody posters for each topic, like in kindergarten. I was seriously in the library cutting out pictures of the american flag and shit. And she kept giving me C’s, but giving zero feedback as to why she was giving me C’s. I mean, not even one sentence as to why. And then 19thC, I was just

March 16, 2009

really into Irish by that point, and so studying for American felt like a chore. I did enjoy The Scarlet Letter and Kate Chopin, but there was way too much non-fiction on that course, like the journals of slaves and stuff, which… to be honest, I found kind of boring after a bit.

March 16, 2009

Your hair is amazing, by the way! Very gangsta.

March 16, 2009

RTN: kind of like an ebay, but with all handmade items

March 16, 2009

Mine are big, but rather deflated feeling (if that makes sense). They used to be perky, but pumping breast milk for four kids (like a damn milking cow) has left them rather unperky. I wish I was a B or C. Mine are more like a D in the beginning, with a D at the end, and a D in the middle (that DDD not 3 breast the size of D’s, lol). I’m tired. I think I will go to bed here soon.

March 16, 2009


March 16, 2009

your hair is gorgeous!!! is it ALL in tiny wee braids?

March 16, 2009

RYN: I am leaning more towards stress, personally, though my husband is trying to decide whether or not he needs to assess me (damn him). He was asking me all kinds of medically questions, worried because I was ignoring most of his text messages and not making much sense (that might have more to do with the Advil PM).

March 16, 2009

If I may say so you look damn good. And not all guys drool just for ginormous boobs, speaking as a guy yours are very nicely shaped and perky. Kids or not, the girls are looking good. Personally I prefer less makeup, so the photos are quite attractive. Less is more, in my always very humble opinion.

March 16, 2009

Aw. Pretty hair. :o) (nice boobs too) SMOOSH!

March 16, 2009


March 16, 2009

hi! i like your hair! How are the boys?

March 16, 2009

holy crap. i would not have the patience to do that to my hair. a few years ago i got my whole head braided in punta cana and it took….i don’t remember how long it took because i was drinking the entire time but it took long enough for me to get hammered. i’m always a C but when i PMS my boobs get big and hard and spill all out of my cup. sheri’s in heaven

you and your boobehs are hawt. 🙂 Chris

March 16, 2009


March 16, 2009

could be worse, imagine if while you were sleeping, someone sneaked one of those Nike air pumps in there, so whenever you moved your arms up and down, they inflated juuust a little bit more. … and then some sick bastard get everyone to do the chicken dance. Then the following days headline. “Freak explosion kills 6”

March 16, 2009

Boobylicious! 🙂 Your hair looks superflycool babe! Nice! 🙂

March 16, 2009

i love your hair!! and i hate my boobs sometimes too because depending on the shirt it will depend if my boobs look big or small lol

March 16, 2009

You look pretty with or without make up. ANd you remind me of my daughter Maya, she just had her hair like that and you both have similar skin color. Her boobies are starting to sprout too… 🙂

March 16, 2009

I just showed Maya these pics and I said, who does this remind you of? She says ME!!!! 🙂

March 16, 2009

awwww, youre so pretty & the hair is so pretty & the boobs look very large! yea, during that time of the month, my DD’s are even bigger if u can believe it. its insane & painful.

March 17, 2009

I’m glad my penis size doesn’t flucuate. Unless this is it’s base size and it can only get bigger. Then that would be awesome.

your extensions look good, especially for doing it yourself!!! that’s awesome. my friend ashley gets hers done and it always looks soooo nice. i’m sorry your boobs are stressing you out. i wish MINE would grow. i’m barely an A damnit haha! 😛

LOVE YOUR HAIR! It looks amazing. I really can’t believe you did it yourself. How in the world did you manage to get the back?

March 18, 2009

now I feel guilty for not working out in the past couple of days

March 18, 2009

Cool hair, and nice boobies, hehehe

March 18, 2009

A haristyle that makes you look nicer? Sweet! Sorry about your boobs.

My sister does her own microbraids. Takes her a whole weekend! I wish my boobs were smaller. I think a B C cup is perfect. Mine are just trouble makers. lol