A Problem Defined

…is a problem half solved.  This post, you might be surprised, is going to be filled with pronouncements that SSG Murphy has said need to be addressed in order to have the peace and sharing communities of the future we desire.  This society we have broken built on lies and false modesty, false pride, false shame, and false innocence.  Shame on us, for allowing it.  Shame on us, for accepting it.  Shame on us, for not rising up as One voice to shout, ‘No More!’

The cult of the individual is a lie.  We say this because we are thanked by all the individuals who stayed home to rape the wilderness while poor boys from the city and the country go to get shot at.  WE go from the city because of poverty.  We go from the country because of that Old Lie, that it is right and good to die for the Fatherland. They tell us thank you for your service, and then expect us to ignore the lessons we learned.  We do not forget the lessons we learned under fire.  We are in this together, and we leave no one behind.  We treat the enemy with respect, for we hope to turn them into an ally.  This is the Way.

If I give you a ration of shit, it is because you are not my enemy, you are my friend, or I am you leader, and you are still my friend.  I do not give commands I would not follow, and my troops know this.  I don’t eat before them, and they know this.  I do not pick and choose the MRE, for that fucks the last guy gets to choose.  We use random to make it fair, and if the Private dines on caviar while I eat beans, well that is also the Way.  For tomorrow I might follow Him and be His servant. And though we not be worthy to roll that rock away, still we practice so that we be worthy if called.  Hosannah and all glory to the Highest!

All I know is that this cult of prosperity is not what is written in the red letters.  So the first problem is that people claim the might of the Almighty and then follow the missives of the Deceiver.  They tell you to store your treasures in heaven and thus be able to accept your situation that THEY created, or their father’s father’s father.  They touched it last, we say, and all Children know what this means.

If you do not oppress, then legalize all hallucinogens and other mind-expanding drugs.  Allow stem cell research.  And above all, mock those who dare to suggest a woman’s body is Anything but her own and, more, a temple for Man to cherish, not a slum from which for us to profit on their misery.   That you use the argument it is YOUR BODY to cause the public to suffer while ignoring this argument in order to oppress the troubled.  A mother can refuse to give Life.  Hers is the only power to give life, and the only power to end it within Her lies with Her, and no one else.

Jesus said to suffer the children to come to him.  This means He supports abortion, using the logic you gave for oppressing sexual minorities and other colored skins.  You hypocrites.  The Dream was voiced 60 years ago, and you did nothing, and still you claim it is not your fault.  Not me, Lord, you cry.   Michael laughs at your folly, for he led you into is in his role as Adversary.  You should have prayed for discernment, not wealth and power.  You will see who you have followed, and they are not your friend.

The Music that followed us home from combat can also lead the way.  The lyrics of the Songs that moved you, that you reach for in times of loneliness or when you need strength, these are love songs to you from the Father and Mother, we believe.   When we were 6 we were told that He wrote the songs and we have Believed, a part of us never stopped, and was mocked for being naive.  Hurt for not believing.  Shunned for being Other oriented and not Us oriented.  All acts of Love and Creation are their Rituals.  All aspects of Form and Beauty are their Presence here.  I live in a state of worship that transcends all other things, but is not religious.  We live inside a Neil Diamond song, where we exist with John Denver in the Mountains, and Rush racing across the plains in a Red Barchetta.  We are here, waiting for you to see the Truth.  Or hear it in your favorite song, and start to believe just a little.  That is all it takes.  If you can believe JUST a little today, and observe the results.  Beleive JUST A LITLE MORE tomorrow, and compare the results.  

This is much more basic than faith.  This is the felt presence of immediate experience.  We say your emotions are real, but they are being filtered through bad ideas as well as good ideas.  This is why we pray for discernment.  Because friendly fire really isn’t.

I AM, I said, and no one heard.  YOU ARE, we said.  Do you hear us?

I will swear, but I also do not like the sound of Being, alone.  And THIS is the purpose of Creation.  It does not seek Perfection but introspection and inspection.  Share what you experience with those around you, and learn about this magnificent place, but and this magnificent vehicle; but remember that He who made Kittens put Snakes in the Grass.  He doesn’t play dice, but He knows about the River and the Flop.

We can teach what we have learned the Rules to be to any who would ask.  Make your game awesome, the graphics in this place are the BEST.  We can drive the griefers off this server, I promise you.  Just stop ignoring their actions without calling them on their bullshit.  Run to confront lies.

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February 17, 2022

The results of the first canvas correspond almost exactly to the normal curve.  Holy shit they are so basic.  They are so unprotected and flawed.  We shall meat their weakness with love and compassion.  We will not be the Predator that we could be, for this is Our choice.  We could not choose it without the ability to be the Predator.  We choose Love, and this choice is ours.  You cannot push us from this Wall.

February 17, 2022

Call the Son in the Dead of Night, and the Sun gonna Rise in the Sky.
Touch a Man who can’t walk upright and that madman He gonna Fly!

And I FLY!