What are you doing here?

A man fell into a pit. Don’t stop me if you know this one. We all saw it but did you remember it?
A man fell into a pit. Pretty soon a man from the Midwest comes, and he says, “Looks like you are pretty stupid to have fallen into that hole.” Then he went to pray for the lives of his family and loved ones, certain that his team would win both on Saturday and on Sunday when he went to pray for forgiveness; for what, he couldn’t think of yet, but his neighbors admired his piety.
Pretty soon a man from the coast came to the side of the pit. He looked down and said, “If you hadn’t been picking on all those people all the lives that were lived before you were born, they wouldn’t have left this pit for you to fall in.” And then he went home to write on the internet about the terrors of the world and how he would fix it if he had power, and other Avatars admired his courage.
The man in the pit began to feel despair. He felt stupid and justified in being in such a shitty position. He sat down and thought about sprucing the place up. If he deserved to be here, maybe he should just accept his condition as a circumstance of his stars. Could he learn from this? Why did he fall into the pit, again?
He couldn’t remember, except that he felt somehow it was his own fault. stupid stupid man, how could you be so dumb as to fall into this pit. You deserve to sit here and rot in your own filth. And while it felt good to vent, it didn’t appear to fill in the hole at all. As a matter of fact, he thought that when he was stamping his foot like Rumpelstiltskin he might even have dug a little deeper.
Well, but, just… fuck.
—-end Pt 1
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February 4, 2022

A man fell into a pit.

A doctor came by, the man in the pit yelled for help, the doctors writes  him a Rx and throws it in the pit,

A priest came by, the man in the pit yelled for help, the priest prayed.

A friend came by, the man in the pit yelled for help, the friend jumped in the pit with him.


“What’re you doing down here!?” screamed the man to his friend, “Now we’re both stuck down here.”


“Yeah,” said the friend, “But I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out.”

February 5, 2022

@thelastdruid SPOILER ALERT!   🙂

THANKS you so much for adding to the wall of metaphor!  As they surface, feel free to come back and add more.  It is an important topic I am writing about to me, this lack of empathy.  It is the oddest thing in the world, so I need lots of POV, yeah?  Good model comes from good data.


February 5, 2022

@thelastdruid  When you think of this story, can you relate it, or do uyou have experience of the sunday school story of the Samaritan?  I’m doing a mashup of moral terxts to show how they all teach the same things.

Middle East Solved!!!  Nobel Peace Prize, Please!

We jest.  We cannot nominate ourselves.