Guns don’t kill, but books do?

It seems it falls, again, to us, to point out the illogic in the methods of control.  We respect the desire to control, we don’t like it, but we respect it as well as the ability to control.  Tyranny, the reason y’all like strong men so much, is that it keeps shit running.  If it is effective.  The tyranny of fear that controls this country is not effective, and that is enough reason to change it.

Ineffectiveness is the original sin, and the only one we need to worry about.  This is not new, the idea that if it is not broke, don’t fix it was around long before our first thoughts.  But the corollary is, is that if it is broke, fucking fix it.  And don’t say you didn’t break it, white culture of domination and exploitation.  Even if you didn’t colonize, even if you didn’t own slaves, let me reintroduce you to a Law that goes back to childhood:

You touched it last.  Know how we can tell?  You are the ones in power when the music stops, and now you scream WAIT WAIT WAIT can’t we all just get along?  No, apparently, we cannot, unless we pretend to believe as you do.  Unless we live out YOUR delusion.  No thank you, we like ours better.

See, our delusion says we can change things.  Our delusion is fueled by the nightmares we have vanquished, the Brothers and Sisters we have buried or held why they cried their last tears.  Our delusion is fueled by the authoritative command coming from the hearty of ALL humans witness to this travesty:  ENOUGH

So, let us bring to light the folly of trying to hide books from your kids.  It is, we assert, the same thing as hiding the KY Jelly off the bedstand so they don’t know their parents fuck.  Let us bring to light the folly of taking books off the shelf, like they did in Germany, KrystalNacht, it was called, and it was the second step of the rise of the Third Reich.  Check your fucking history, America.  These are the wars you sent us to fight and then you bring us home to see you are now the enemy?

Handle your shit, America.

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February 3, 2022

Wise words!!

February 3, 2022

They are concerned about books that might make their kids feel ‘uncomfortable’ but completely unconcerned about these same kids dying in school from a gunfire. Mind boggling.

February 4, 2022

@elkay I disagree, they do not want the uncomfortable conversations.  I don’t think they give a shit -about their kids or anyone elses.  We think kids are treated like property here and that offends us.

They are citizens of our nation and have the same rights as any other.


February 4, 2022

Dan danger

February 4, 2022

@dan-danger-whitehead I’m not parsing that if it had any meaning for me.  If it was for you, carry on.