My Parents Are Idiots

Nothing’s worse then growing up and realizing your parents are human, and aren’t, in fact, superheroes. Dad supported and defended his friends that participated in the demonstrations at the capitol this week. Mom, who fucking works in health care and should know better, thinks that we should end social distancing because anyone that’s going to get sick and die is just going to do it later and if we did it now, it would be better for the economy. That’s the most of a 2 hr conversation.


In other news, Quinn is trying to personify all things terrible twoish, I’m reading a lot more, and I’ve starting to think about going back to writing again. I haven’t murdered my husband during lockdown yet. Actually, he’s been a lot more tolerable and somewhat helpful for the last few days.

waiting to hear back from the hospital on what they want to do with me now I that I’m officially out of quarantine.

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April 20, 2020

First: Great job not murdering your Hubby or the 2-year-old. Second: do you have access to John Oliver Last Week Tonight? — It will give you some serious laughs and validation.  Go back a few episodes if you can.  Third: I just dipped back in to OD for a moment tonight, but I want you to know that many people, including me who does not even know you, are cheering for you and loving you from afar.  My middle child, age 32 and not working through this, says he is reading a lot as well. xxx, 13D

April 20, 2020

Personally I’d rather isolate than get sick and die. Not sure I understand your parents reasoning. Be safe