Finding peace during hard times

I’m grateful self care has been my priority the last five years-

makes it easier to find peace during these tougher times.

The world is in distress

A maniac is on the loose

I find comfort in not knowing what’s going to happen. I don’t have to be scared.

I have no right to be scared at this point.

I’m privileged as fuck!

I know it. I know you know it. It’s okay, it’s reality.

If anyone is reading this, be sure you are taking moments throughout each day to connect.

to Self
to the earth
to a neighbor
a family member

Even if it’s a brief moment of connection, seek it. FEEL it. SAVOR it.

Drink your coffee or tea mindfully.

Drive your car with intention.

Smile at someone that upsets you.

Hug someone that needs it.

Maybe that’s yourself!

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