Cranes in the Sky


7:46 am

Happy Easter to those that celebrate, and happy Passover to those who celebrate that 🙂

I refused to sleep in today. Not that I have anything important to do. I’m off from the Alpenhorn due to the fact they had no one staying this weekend. The bad thing about that is of course money, but also I won’t be seriously moving around so I’ll be tired all day. I think I’ll clean the other half of the kitchen area. Organize it, at least.

The sun is kind of shining right now, but it’s cold and windy so I really don’t want to go outside and enjoy the light. Besides, I’m in my PJ’s. The weather is going to turn sucky around 2 according to the weather channel. Rain/snow mix that will turn to just snow. I forget what the local stations said about how much accumulation we’ll have. I think an inch or so.

I’m trying to decide what music will bolster my mood today. I tried several genres yesterday, but nothing helped.

Oh how I wish for a manic episode. Not a “spend all your money and get into bad situations” kind. I want a “LET’S CLEAN ALLLL THE THINGS AND DANCE!” kind.

I better get one more cuppa coffee in me and start moving around.

11:16 am

Ok. 10 minutes ago I wanted to add to this entry about a specific topic, but do you think I can remember? See? This scares me. This shouldn’t be happening at my age. Yeah, some of it is fibro, some of it is ADD, but it just seems to be getting worse. ::sigh::

Maybe I’ll remember later.

2:43 pm

So now I’m flaring. My bad shoulder is screaming, so I put ice on it, which made the arthritis in my neck hurt, so I have the heat pack on now, and that is making my shoulder hurt. And now the snow is really very close and making the whole fibro bullshit join the party.

Maybe I’ll lay down for 15 minutes.

6 pm

Well, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Didn’t wake up until the alarm went off to feed the dogs (that’s why I have the alarm, in case I have to lay down).

The snow has arrived, and I’m still hurting. Usually once the weather gets here I usually feel a wee bit better, but not today.

Made the HelloFresh tortellini soup. It was okay. Nothing to rave about, and If I had thought of it, I would have added more oregano than what they gave. I like lots of oregano. But it was easy, and warmed me up so all is well.

See ya.

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April 2, 2018

Tortellini soup sounds yummy.  It was 79 degrees here where I live (Georgia, USA). Where are you?

April 2, 2018

@catholicchristian I’m in Missouri. A few weeks ago it was in the 70s, then all this rain started to hit us and it hasn’t been warm since. And the grass needs to be cut lol I don’t mind cutting the grass in a coat, but you just can’t do it in the rain 🙂