A letter to my younger self

I just went back in time to take a look at my diary entry from December 22, 2002. I was 15 years old And babbling on about a boy I had a crush on in high school and Christmas break. I was such a pure innocent untouched girl back then who really had no clue what was to come. No damage has been done yet. I had no idea what the real world was like. My parents were the type of parents to tell us about their experiences and what they went through, but they never really sat down with us and warned us about red flags or how to handle certain situations. I can’t blame them. They wanted me to learn things on my own and go through them on my own and I’m not worse off because of it

If I could write a letter to my younger self I wouldn’t warn her either. I am happy with how things turned out and have no regrets.

What I would say is “Dear Hannah. There is so much I wish I could tell you but I do not want to change what is meant to be. You are a strong capable young woman and whatever happens in your life just know that it is all worth it. All the struggles and all the hurt will pay off. Even if at the time it feels like it won’t. My biggest advice to you would be not to care about what anyone else thinks about you. Also don’t live your life in fear of judgment or expectations from others. Go your own way and do what you want. It’s your life. Also, the people who are meant to stay in your life will stay. Don’t be afraid of speaking your truth and letting people go if necessary. At 34 you are doing great. You are in a good place and you are happy. Just know that. :)”

Love, Hannah


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December 23, 2020

That’s a great letter to your younger self!

December 23, 2020

@mamaqueenie518 Thank you! 🙂