Money on The Brain

With not much going on outside to distract me, I’ve been forced to go more inside of myself. I’ve also started thinking more about my future and how to better invest and prepare for retirement. I’ve become a little more knowledgeable about stocks and bonds which has built m m y confidence. I’ve been investing in them now for a couple years and have done pretty well for myself. Now I’m looking into block chain and crypto currency. As a single person with one income to depend on I need to find ways to turn my money into more money. Right now I’m working as much as possible to pay off my truck and get started on saving even more. I don’t want a second job because I need time off for my own happiness and sanity. So yeah, that’s pretty much bern my focus recently. Money on the brain. But they say wgat you think of constantly is what’s drawn to you right? 😉

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August 15, 2020