Best Friend Time :-)

Happy Sunday :-). Today I get to spend the whole day with my best friend, Bonnie.  She has to take her daughter back to her dad in Texas and asked me to ride with her.  We are going to meet her ex halfway, which I think is on the other side of Shreveport, LA so not too bad a drive.  I tried to get Landon to stay home with Jose’ but he insists he wants to go with me and Bonnie is fine with that so I guess he is going.  That’s one reason she and I are such good friends, because she understands Landon and understands that he is with me most of the time.  She has always been good to and with him and has never made him feel unwelcome.  I have family members who aren’t so good with him.  I don’t go around those family members much any more and that’s okay.  I’m sure he will just sleep the whole time because he never went to bed last night and will be very tired.

I did get away for a little while yesterday by myself.  Landon was asleep so I left without telling him, which of course he wasn’t too happy about when he woke up.  I went to Bonnie’s for a few hours.  I helped her hang a bunch of crosses down her hallway wall.  I wish I had that many crosses…it’s so pretty.  Maybe I will start collecting them.

I finished the dress I was crocheting…it’s a bigger size than the others I have made and was a much harder pattern to make.  
I really love how it turned out!!  It almost looks gray in the picture but it’s actually purple.  My mom ordered it for her great niece.  She said she wanted a flower on it but honestly, I don’t think it needs a flower.  What do you think?  She also wants some bloomers to go with it so I am working on those now.  I hope it fits the little girl it was made for!

So happy Sunday to anyone who made it this far.  It’s going to be a good day.


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March 27, 2022

Aaah the dress is purrfect!!! And with the bloomers, it will be so cute!!

March 27, 2022

And hanging with besties is the best!!!!

April 1, 2022

That dress is so adorable.

Naa it doesn’t need a flower.