New Normal(s)

Today is Thursday and our Thursdays are now visitation days as opposed to our Saturdays. I usually dread them but now they’re becoming our new normal,rapidly. It happened for me sooner on some things than others, but this one feels like the last big one for awhile. When we get to HippeKid’s first overnight, I imagine it’ll come roaring back for a few visits and then be again, a new accepted normal.

Tonight after their visit, we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week. On the way, we had an excellent talk. We came to a custody/visitation agreement including holidays and HippieKid’s birthday, agreed what to do with the house ( more on that), discussed bills and plans for filing and timing. Everything was easy enough to discuss, we’ve usually been on the same page with things that need to be planned out like this. Not this specifically, obviously, but at least those eleven years of training were good for this moment. Fucking life’s ironies, am I right?

House news: We bought our house from a private seller, so we don’t owe a bank, but a person. Our mortgage is a bit much for me to handle ( see previous post) with all the other bills, but we came to an agreement to that and our guy lowered our mortgage to what I was looking at for an apartment. We’ll be able to stay here–comfortably–fix it, sell it and then move in 5 years. That’s my new project. 5 year plan. I’ve got a few balls in the air, then once those get handled I can send out resumes,get a job,and start living this new life and create yet again, a new normal.

I got this.


Here we go….

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