Moving to better me….

I think writing a couple of things to show where i am emotionally on this roller coaster of the process to end a 17 yr old marriage (that i thought was a happy one)  after a couple of cheating episodes helps me cope with the situation.

I keep telling myself, this too will pass…. things will pass for sure, everything is transient, however thinking this way will limit you because when you realize that that things are passing and you are thinking that things are passing you realize that you are missing the point of existence. (Deep!)

The things do pass! but one must realize that it is what you are doing with the time right now that matters. So saying this too will pass just because one  is in challenging situation and expect for things to just pass is a bad excuse to avoid experiencing something, perhaps that can be painful but it is what it is, embrace it, live it dont negate the essence of existence.

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November 26, 2018

I think that writing absolutely helps.  17 years a is a long time, im sorry you are going through this

December 3, 2018

Getting over someone after 17 years of being married is difficult. Hang in there, and know that things will get better.