010: Dear Friends

Today was such a great day with friends. We initially planned to meet for breakfast, but ended up spending time together until 6PM. It’s only been a couple of months that we haven’t seen each other but it’s seldom that everyone’s present. Also, there’s this feeling that the next get together won’t be happening anytime soon.

I was looking at our photos and I can’t help myself from smiling. These people have been friends since I started my adulting journey.  Most of us used to share an apartment or lives in the apartment next door. Besides being close friends, we were roomies, housemates, neighbors… whatever you call it. Looking back almost 10 years ago, we were just a bunch of fresh graduates, exploring the opportunities in this city, and rant about how work is so stressful. But today was different. We talked about our lives after going separate ways, the triumphs we’ve had so far. I’ve listened to their stories and I feel so happy for everyone.

It’s just sad that one of us left after battling a serious illness. We just take comfort in knowing that she’s no longer in so much pain. I know she was there laughing with us today.

Dear friends, please know that I’ll keeping cheering for you until you reach the dreams you always talk about. I am excited to see where this life’s journey will take us all.

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April 20, 2022

THIS:=”We talked about our lives after going separate ways, the triumphs we’ve had so far”

This is a beautiful representation of the benefit of long term friends; if you like folk music, a song that this entry brings to mind is John Denver, “Poems, Prayers, and Promises”, describing the simple pleasures we can find in life, and the joy in sharing the simplicity with good people.

I don’t have this experience; I’ve burned too many bridges to have old friends, but this was necessary for me when I realized I had surrounded myself with the wrong people.  I look forward to knowing this song better in the future, after having stopped burning bridges and being content with my position on the Path.