I see you dating app scammers

Pretty much over online dating.  Pretty much over dating in general

Why can’t it be like it used to be?  Yes, I am older, a little more candy coated, maybe jaded? Definitely less drunk (tequila sunrise goggles much?) but dating used to be fun, now it’s like this demoralizing chore, swiping, liking, deleting and blocking

For those of you in relationships or married, be VERY glad you’re not out here swimming in the dating pool.  It’s rough out here

I’ve gotten pretty wise to the ‘tells’ of a scammer online, it’s not tough to figure out. If there’s no distance listed, that’s a major tell

The less subtle tells are the following:

  1. English is their second language: their syntax is WAY off and don’t catch social cues or jokes/sarcasm
  2. Relationship status: to a one, every scammer that’s chatted me up is listed as a widower
  3. Time single/online: again, to a one, their profile says, new to this online dating, or when chatting with you, say they are new to the site
  4. How long have you been single: sort of the same as #3 but specific to you. Again, every time this question is asked
  5. Their job: usually some sort of engineer, in the oil or mining sector. Not sure why they use that, but that’s what I have gotten countless time

I watched the NYT The Weekly the other night and it featured a woman that was married and duped by a man she thought was in the military.  Sent him thousands of dollars only to find out that he wasn’t who he said he was.  In fact, he was what is called a Yahoo Boy, someone overseas, predominantly Africa, who spends all their time in internet cafes’ preying on lonely women in Yahoo Groups, before those went away.  Their new targets are now on the Facebook groups and singles sites.

What’s so creepy is the man that this Yahoo Boy was stealing pictures from is no longer on social media, but the reporter and this man found SIXTY FIVE Facebook profiles with his picture!  All different names…so damn creepy and scary

I get it, people are lonely. They want someone to talk to, pay attention to them.  I’ve been there, trust me.  One of my dearest friends and her mother fell for it, but stopped before it got out of hand.  I know it feels good to have someone you think cares about you pay attention to you.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how they get away with it in these apps.  How they say they are in SJ but are actually in Dubai or some place 10,000 miles away. And yet they show up in my local feed.  That is what really chaps  my hide, the proximity ruse

Another scammer hit me up today.  I have thought about stringing them along, but what’s the point of that? It’s just a waste of my time.  I report them before I block them, but more and more show up in my inbox every day. I answered one guy saying I was more off than on with apps because of all the scammers, etc. and he immediately unmatched me.  Busted lol

Better off single I think

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August 9, 2019

The ones that have found me are usually military men who have one child something like a teenager who is at boarding school and their wife just died.  And they are lonely but yet they are some big deal army guy looking for love or something…but the truth is they still have two years or more left in the tour they are doing.  I have also seen doctors who specialize in some sort of body part……

August 9, 2019

just date the old fashion way… maybe met someone at the book store, church, dances, ??? surely some still date lie that


August 12, 2019

@kaliko Yeah, I thought about that.  I need to get off my couch and do stuff instead of going home and knitting every night lol