Sad news

Aaron Carter, younger brother to Nick the Backstreet Boy, has died. I remember when he was just a wee thing, with the same haircut as his brother. It seems as if he drowned in his bathtub, but I bet you dollars to donuts, it was drug related. Had to be… unless it was a suicide… no one drowns in their tub intentionally…

I feel for his twin sister, and the rest of his family… but it is what it is.

RIP Aaron


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November 8, 2022

It really is sad and I sure do feel bad for his twin.  I cannot imagine losing my twin.  I agree that a person doesn’t just drown in their bathtub accidentally.

November 8, 2022

@happyathome Mmmhmm.. even though I’m not a twin, I still would feel bad if he/she died. Yep. There were possibly drugs in his system. 🙁