So sleepy but… dang it.

I forgot the questions! Like omg.

So… here is a bunch of qs.

Have you ever gotten sea sick? Nope. I don’t go on boats. I go on like touristy type luncheon boats but that’s it.

Have you ever snuck into a movie? Nope. I have walked out of a movie bc it was so terrible. That was King Kong. Absolute quacking garbage.

What’s your favorite carnival ride? The Ferris wheel. I love just watching the scenery… I’m not one for the scary rides.

When did you last try a new restaurant? About two years ago, some falafel place… Chez Talal. It was ok.

Why did you need your most recent x-ray? Bone density test.

What’s the highest up you’ve ever been? I live in a not so mountainous region… so… idk???


And since everyone is posting music videos…. I bring you one of my favorite retro tunes!

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November 18, 2022

Have you ever gotten sea sick? No. I suppose it could happen, though. Anything’s possible.

Have you ever snuck into a movie? No. Never thought about it growing up. Guess I wasn’t wild enough.  I’ve also walked out of movies. Hasn’t been in a long time, though. Before Covid, for sure. I do remember going to the movies with my daughter because she wanted to see Chain Saw Massacre something something for her birthday, but about 5-10 min. into the movie, she couldn’t handle it so we switched to see Elf. And we were both over 21 years old at the time.

What’s your favorite carnival ride? Honestly, I loved the Tilt-A-Whirl when I was a kid. But later in life, one of my jobs was working for an amusement ride manufacturer and some of the scare stories about ride owners not maintaining their equipment was scary enough to make me stop going on carnival rides.

When did you last try a new restaurant? About 2 weeks ago, in Las Vegas. It was a steak restaurant.

Why did you need your most recent x-ray? I don’t know that I’ve ever had an x-ray.

What’s the highest up you’ve ever been?  Like in an airplane? Can’t remember.

November 19, 2022

@wrecktangle Have you ever been to the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas?? IKR about the carnival rides? 😮

November 19, 2022

Never gotten sea sick but I have gotten car sick many times and it’s awful.

Never snuck into a movie.

The Ferris wheel here too…I love it.   Sadly, our yearly fair doesn’t have it.

Probably about a year ago and it was awful and I won’t go back.  It was just some little mom and pop place…supposed to be home cooking.

Hmmm, probably when I fractured two ribs about six years ago.

That would be when we went camping in the mountains in Colorado when I was a teenager.  We were so high up I was having trouble breathing some.

November 19, 2022

@happyathome I get motion sickness period. Aww… no Ferris wheel?? Poop. I’ve never been to Colorado or Alberta or BC where the Rockies are.