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I’m working on getting back into the dating scene, at least by putting myself out there on online dating sites. I miss Craigslist, to be honest, where you were initially judged by words alone. I just thought I’d share what I decided to say.

Easy criticism, my profile is extremely verbose. I did it on purpose. I don’t really want to date the kind of woman who doesn’t get caught up in reading what I have to say. And I can’t stand the profiles of women who have nothing to say about themselves, so I decided to put out there what I enjoy encountering.

Without further ado about nothing, (or with much ado about nothing, if you know what Shakespeare’s title is actually referring to), my profile:

Mes chere demoiselles,

Ultimately, I believe that A Walk to Remember is a standard to live up to. A woman I loved once had a dream of dancing on a rooftop. Now she has a memory of the hour we spent looking over our small town. Another has a bouquet of paper roses made from poems I wrote for her. Admittedly, someone on Etsy did the actual crafting. My creative side doesn’t lend itself to arts and crafts so much.

On the day to day side of things, I consider myself eminently practical (and I think romantic gestures are a very practical way of maintaining a healthy relationship). I have a full time job in Marketing & Advertising at a university, a small house I rent, a vehicle, and two large dogs, Mira and Bailar, who will be very disappointed when someone starts taking up their side of the bed. The fallout will probably result in significant cuddles and puppy kisses. You will probably fall in love with them long before me. You were warned.

Only Bailar was intentionally a Spanish word.

On the topic of “to dance”, I enjoy my nights in, but when I get out it’s usually for some kind of dancing. Any kind works, I enjoy clubbing as much as social dancing. From ballroom to swing to Latin to Kizomba, I usually go dancing at least once a week. If learning to dance is on your bucket list, I also teach dance, so I am happy to help you learn. A couple of friends and I run a small non-profit dedicated to spreading social dance.

Other hobbies, past & present, include voracious reading, watching sci-fi fantasy & comedy on Netflix, sailing, horseback riding, short hikes that involve waterfalls, snowboarding, playing guitar, a handful of video games, D&D, and constantly learning new things. I am absolutely a nerd, but you wouldn’t know from looking at me. My ultimate goal in life is to be a Renaissance Man.

I would love to meet a woman who has a secret pining to get back to the ballet she danced when she was younger. Someone who loves musicals. I have two tickets to The Lion King in January; the second ticket is unspoken for. I am looking for someone who has bachelor’s degree or higher, who loves the area, only hunts in grocery stores, and prefers to think of fishing as a metaphor for dating. While I appreciate a woman concerned with her health and appearance, ultimately I am sapiosexual and interested in others who are as well.

A few things you should know about me. I am non-religious, a humanist. I support human rights for all groups. They are human rights, not rights for only white American men. My mother was feminist, and I believe the only time men and women have roles are in the bedroom, when you’re “playing”. I am fan of the quote, “Who wears the pants? We prefer it when neither of us are wearing pants.” I want a partner, and any relationship descriptors should only identify that partnership, not who is expected to do what.

In terms of the relationship I am looking for, I hope to meet someone who put her career first for a while and is now ready to settle into relationships and family. I am not opposed to dating women with young children, but my dream is to build everything from the ground up with my partner. I sincerely wish the best to anyone looking for love, however. Every woman deserves someone who accepts, supports, and loves her.

To close, I love to write, so I am equally happy trading lengthy letters back and forth or making plans to get together immediately. If you do wish to approach me, please spend the time to offer more than a hello. Tell me about your love languages, who you are, what you love and why. Read, “F**k Yes or No” by Mark Manson and “I Believe in Loving Like You Give a S#!t” by Jordan Gray and let me know what you think. If you invest your time in me, I will return the favor.

I invite you, come at me with the curiosity of a kitten, and on any topic you so desire, no matter how deep or taboo.


(my name)

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