OK! Here we go….

So, it is now 7:02a and I just finished putting up the Sims 2 update.. soon Paula will be up to serve breakie. Yes, we have Paula back on duty now. She is amazing. She is down to earth and very hard working… just like Maman + Mama Lisa too. In fact, in April for Easter, Mama Lisa will do that holiday dinner! We are having another feast. Turkey, ham, potatoes, yams, etc etc… and of course there is Passover too… so lots of stuff happening.

I downloaded this AC fan game called Animal Crossing: Luxury something or other. I cannot remember… it’s a heavily cheaty sort of game. Easier than the original. Also the color scheme is unusual too… darker…

I have screenshots… I will put them up soon.

I am going to get something to drink bc I am parched. 🙂 I also need to check my blood glucose levels. Also, I hear Paula up now…



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March 18, 2023

Good Saturday morning :-). I hope you have a great day.

@happyathome You too Vicki! <3