Old friends seem to not be posting. One found me, but when I clicked on her name to see if I had added her to my friends or if I could, there was a message that her diary was unavailable to me, so she’s either gone private or left. (Real Simple, where are you?) Another friend recently told me she was thinking of coming back here, but when I checked my friends, she last posted an entry five months ago.

So here I am. I don’t know if people are going private or leaving. I am hoping to have some connections (it would be nice if some of them were the same ones as before, but …). Part of Open Diary’s specialness was the way we connected with each other. I’m missing that. I hope it comes back. Otherwise, it’s a bit cold around these parts.

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September 16, 2020

It’s good to have you here, I hope that you do find both old and new connections 🙂

September 16, 2020

I am a returnee after 7 years and my experience has been similar. Not only was this a place to write, but over time we built a community based on our stories. I am disappointed not to find everything as it was.  Then again, a lot can change in 7 years and I may not be who I was either. And truth is I’ve only written two entries since returning, so I think the key words are “we built a community over time.” I’m going to stick around and see what happens. I hope you do, too!

September 17, 2020

I believe most old timers have chosen not to come back to Open Diary.  I’m very sad about this because I truly believe Open Diary could be what it once was.  I remain because I am a writer at heart and I love having a diary.


September 18, 2020

I am glad to see you note and post here again 🙂 I want to come write more entries. Have just been overwhelmed with stuff to do. I miss writing and reading and noting among our Open Diary friends. Thanks for the note you left me.

October 1, 2020

There is definitely an ebb and flow here.  I am newly returned.  Your name looks familiar.  🙂

October 1, 2020

I didn’t know until recently that OD was back. A few of my friends are still here, but it seems that most haven’t written in a couple years or so. I hope the special feeling comes back as well.

November 5, 2020

it’s true. i miss the connections i had here. it is different now.

February 15, 2021

Still missing you, here. Yes, it is different, now, but maybe still worth a visit?

April 7, 2021

Hi! I remember you very much!! How have you been? Wow has the time flown by!!

April 9, 2021

I’m a returnee also…. I’m just dipping my toes in.  I went by so many names on here back then I can’t even remember when my OG name was…so I went with this one.  I haven’t connected with anyone.