12:40 AM

The pains of social media. I know I do not belong to it. I may have grown up with the generation that feeds the egos of all these young people, but my god, I do not belong.

A few years back, I tried giving up social media for almost a year. It was good. So it’s now nearly 1 AM and I’m contemplating doing it again. Can I do it again? Will my ego or my need to look around people’s lives allow it? I am too proud and too disgraceful to do so.

-’til the dawn.

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I use Peach. And occasionally FB, which I cannot stand really, there are so many idiots on there … too many fake arse friends… nope. 🙁 I am considering a social media detox too.

August 21, 2022

@sambucathedestroyer It’s already the 21st and I’m still struggling.

@menesow *hugs* Do it. Get rid. I did. I just use Peach now. 🙂